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Trip to Jhanjhrola Village
5th April to 7th April, 2018

On the 5th of April, 13 students of Vasant Valley School, from classes 7,8 and 12, set out on a two day visit to the village of Jhanjrola, in Haryana. On arriving, we were warmly welcomed with 'Tikas' by the students of the school. Students spent the day interacting with the students, sharing our learning and experiences with them. This trip has been extremely interesting and enriching and our students interacted with the families of the school children , learnt about their lives and traditions of the village. Students also sat on a tractor, which was a novel experience for many of our students.

The students who visited Jhanjhrola are ;

13 Students along with two teachers Mrs Neelam Vora and Mrs Meenu Chauhan
These Students are visiting Village Jhanjharola from 5th April to 7th April 2018
7 A
Manya Khosla and Pia Prasad
Priyanshu Sen and Chaitanya Sharma
7 C
Varenya Shrikhande and Saisha Aggarwal
8 A
Shivam Sharma
8 C
Paritosh Grover
Rishabh Tomar
Aditya Venkatraman
Rabiya Gupta
Priyavart Gupta
Dhriti Singh

Accompany two teachers Mrs Neelam Vora and Mrs Meenu Chauhan

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