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Meet the Author - Namita Gokhale with Classes 5-8
5th April 2018

Today we had a very interesting visitor at school, author Namita Gokhale. There was bustling and great excitement in the air for classes 5 - 8 as the students walked to Vasant Manch to eagerly await Ms. Gokhale. She joyfully introduced herself as we students did too. She then started explaining her latest book 'Lost in Time'. It is based on the story of Ghatotkacha from the Mahabharata. She was originally writing about the entire Mahabharata, but then during the process, got the idea to write about Ghatotkacha (son of Bheem) as well. " I thought of this book while writing the Mahabharata and I imagined the was clear as a movie playing through my mind," she said. She then asked us who our favourite character from the Mahabharata was. The most popular answer was Bheem due to his super strength. She also asked us the meaning of Time. Many students gave deeply thought out answers. Following this sensational interaction, Ms. Gokhale presented us all with a notepad, which featured her new book on the cover as a surprise gift. Before she left, the School presented her with a gift too. I really hope she liked it !

Samara Sharma Class 5


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