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Meet the Author - Bulbul Sharma
11th December, 2018

As soon as I entered the school on Tuesday, 11th December I saw a board saying the famous author Bulbul Sharma was going to speak to us about her book ,The Ramayana (for children). The interaction with her was at 11.30 am. When we reached Vasant Manch, we saw Mrs Bulbul Sharma sitting on the sofa and waiting for us. We were all extremely delighted to have her come to school and we gave her a warm welcome. She then introduced herself and told us about many of her fascinating books for children. One of the stories was about a tree in the village she used to live in. After hearing about her other stories and books, we began discussing the Ramayana which we all have read in Class 4. We started the discussion by asking her few questions which we had noted in our books. Mrs Sharma gave great answers to our questions. By the time we finished with our questions, we had discussed the whole Ramayana. This was followed by a few questions on writing and how the process of writing a book feels. It sure was interesting to hear all the difficulties you have to go through to write a book. She also told us of the many versions of Ramayana she had to read to make her version perfect! She then went on to discuss about a festival the young boys in the Himalayas celebrate instead of Diwali. After hearing about how different that festival was, she told us about a small book she had written for children. We loved the story and were astonished to hear that the illustrations in the book were done by her. The interaction with Mrs. Bulbul Sharma was extremely interesting and it was a great help to us not only in understanding the Ramayana further but also to know about the art of writing.
Shirin Sultana Shaw IV - C

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