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Students of classes 6 and 7 watched a Film on Machali - The tigress of Ranthambore on the ocassion of Global Tiger Day
29th July 2018

Machli the queen of Ranthambore, a royal of Rajasthan and the pride of India walks into our hearts as we see the excellent documentary on this legend. What is most attractive of this tigress is not that it is so elegant,prepossessing and graceful but how it inspires us humans in so many ways. To name a few Machli is the dominant tigress of Ranthambore she has defeated all the male tigers that came in her way thus being an example and inspiration to young girls that a woman is stronger than a man and they can be dominant and the ruler being a female. Another thing we can learn from Machli is how to love our children unconditionally, while watching the film I could not help but notice what a good mother Machli is. Despite being humiliated and defeated by her own daughter Machli still loved and cared for them and never despaired them. Machli had also created a massive gene pool . This film about this iconic tigress Machli teaches us so many things. Not only that ,after seeing this film I was inspired by Machli and I was fascinated about how dauntlessly Machli has lived her life and has passed every obstacle strongly and bravely till the end of her beautiful life.

This film had my eyes glued to the screen at the Vasant Manch and watching this fabulous movie was such a realistic experience and it made me feel like I was there sitting with the photographers watching every step that Machli the legandary tigress took at the Ranthambore National park

Girdhar Chandok - 7A


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