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Meet The Author - Christopher C. Doyle - Classes 8,9 and 10
23rd July, 2018

On the 23rd of July students of class 8,9 and 10 had an incredible learning experience with Mr Christopher Doyle, author of Mahabharata Quest Series. His research on Science, History and Mythology for his latest novel, "The Patala Prophecy" fascinated the students. He connected scientific evidence to mythological facts and proved that some aspects of mythology that are considered far fetched may have been rational to the people at that time. He enlightened the students about the architectural delights and rich cultural heritage surrounding them. The interactive and lively session concluded on a note of revelation where the students got to realise that there is a thin line between mythology and reality and sometimes things cross over to the other side.

Abhimanyu J. Kumar 9C

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