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Class 4 Visit to Sanjay Van
6th March, 2018

Class 4 trip to 'Sanjay Van'

The day had finally come! Class 4 was going to 'Sanjay van' for bird watching. When we entered 'Sanjay van' we were so amazed by the magnificent forest that we greeted it with dead silence. We didn't know that there was such a dense forest in Delhi! We were surrounded by a hundred different kinds of trees that were like giants standing before us. The leaves were in different shades of green. The park was filled with the pleasant chirping of birds and our guide Mr. Sanjay was a fountain of knowledge. He could name every bird in the forest!

We began our trek through the forest admiring nature around us till we reached a large lake full of ducks. Suddenly one of my friends shouted with glee as she had spotted a wild pig. The whole class went to see the pig. Some friends said he was like Wilbur in 'Charlotte's Web'. We also spotted some 'Nilgai'. They had ears like foxes and they were gigantic. Mr. Sanjay finally got our attention back on the birds. He showed us many birds like Jungle Babbler, Purple Sun bird, Parakeet, Peacocks, Herons and Cuckoo. My favorite was the light grey colored Bulbul. It was tiny but its shape was unique as it had a raised head.

We saw lots of flowers and fruits with butterflies and bees hovering around them. The bougainvillea were bright pink and added colour to the green and yellow forest.

When we came to the end of this enjoyable trip we huddled into the bus tired and sleepy but completely happy with everything we saw and experienced.

Veda Kalra IV - B

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