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Kulosaari Secondary School, Helsinki Visit Vasant Valley School
28th February, 2018

29 students and 3 teachers from Kulosaari Secondary School, Helsinki, arrived at Vasant Valley School. We were greeted with smiling faces and bubbly spirits. After refreshments, we all left with our respective guests. The next day, we all came to school. Our Finnish guests attended various academic lessons as English, Psychology. After this, we all played Badminton and Basketball. They also learnt the art of tie and dye and made colourful scarfs as a souvenir to take home with themselves. They even learnt how to shake a leg, Bollywood style. On 2nd March, we all played Holi together and it was fun to see our Finnish friends getting soaked in colour and the Indian culture. Finally, on 3rd March, it was time to bid them farewell. Amongst red eyes, warm hugs and tear streaked faces, we realised that we had made friends for a lifetime. It was an experience that we will cherish forever!
Rabiya Gupta, 12B

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