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Visit to Hero Moto Corp Plant in Gurgaon
7th March, 2018

On the 7th of March, 2018, a group of 12th-grade students studying Accounts, Business Studies, and Economics, were invited to visit the Hero MotorCorp manufacturing plant centered in Gurgaon. Upon arriving at the massive 72-acre plot of land, the students were invited to attend a presentation by one of the company's HR branch employees.

This presentation elaborated on the growth of Hero from a local cycle manufacturer in 1956, to being the largest two-wheeler manufacturer in the world today, with a massive global as well as domestic presence. It spoke about how Hero had used effective marketing, like choosing to advertise mainly through sports sponsorships rather televised advertisements, to increase recognition for their brand and for individual Hero products. It also included information about the termination of the joint venture between Hero and Honda in 2010, and how that lead to the reinvention of the brand, including revisions to the company's logo and its policies on foreign exports, which lead to it to becoming the global brand we know it as today. Finally, the presentation highlighted the key areas that Hero as a company focuses on, for example, CSR, brand awareness, and employee and customer satisfaction.

Following this informative presentation, the students were divided into 3 groups and, accompanied by Hero employees, taken on a tour of the manufacturing plant. The plant utilized a combination of manual labour and technology to make the manufacturing process automated and extremely efficient. Students could see how the factory was divided into multiple sections, each assigned to a specific task, and how, through the use of machinery, parts were circulated between each section, right from the very beginning, up until the completion of a product; upon which it was tested and, if deemed functional, stored for distribution. Through this very process, Hero has managed to reduce the time taken by each section to complete its task to a mere 18 seconds, allowing that very factory to produce over 7,000 motorcycles and scooters per day.

All in all, the visit proved to be an extremely informative and unique experience, allowing the students to learn more about marketing strategies and the manufacturing process, bear witness to the marvels of modern technology, and see with their own eyes how Hero had maximized the use of this technology to revolutionize the manufacturing process of two-wheeler vehicles.

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