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Thirteen students of Vasant Valley School visited Jhajhrola village, Haryana
10th to 12th May 2018

The group reached Jhanjhrola village around 10:30 am, and after freshening up proceeded to the Government Middle School in Jhanjhrola, where a large part of the morning was spent enthusiastically, with our students conducted interesting activities like zentangle and origami for the students.

The students who visited Jhanjhrola are

Class 7 A
Kirti Lohia
Class 7 B
Darsh Puri, Kabir Datta, Myra Prasad, Keshav Paul, Arshiya Chawla and Devnanda Satish
Class 8A
Veer Amol Singh, Kanishk Sharma and Jai Relan
Class 8 B
Priyanshu Bisht and Brandon Pawar
Class 12
Rachit Gupta, Abhijeet Aulakh, Satvik Lochan and Abhijai Mahajan

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