Class V Visit to Aravali Biodiversity Park
15th November, 2018

Class 5 went to the "Aravalli Biodiversity Park" in two groups over a course of two days. We left in the morning around 9:30 and reached the park after a short journey. We stepped off the bus and headed straight for the "Campsite Area". There we were met by a Park employee who was our guide for the trip. She gave us a brief idea about what we would see in the park along with the itinerary for the day while asking us a few questions now and then. Off we went! Our first stop was the plant nursery which was divided into three sections - poly house, net house and under the shade. A plant would start off at the poly house, then go to the net house and end at the under the shade before they were planted in the field. Our next stop was the medicinal plants area. We were told about various plants such as tulsi, aloe vera, papaya etc. and also learnt their usages. Then was the butterfly conservatory area, where we spotted the Tiger and Common Mormon butterfly to name a few. We also took a peek into a small pond and saw algae, larvae, frog and lily pads. After that was a museum where preserved butterflies and reptiles were exhibited. Here, we refreshed our knowledge on the life cycle of a butterfly. To end our exciting day we enriched our learning by watching a movie on the flora and fauna that inhabited the park. With that we ended our trip to the park. We learnt so much in a few hours!

Kavya Malik & Inika Gour Tirath

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