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Thirteen students of Vasant Valley School visited Jhajhrola Village, Haryana
1st to 3rd November, 2018

13 students of Vasant Valley School visited Government School, Jhanjrola Village from the 1st to the 3rd November, 2018. They visited the homes of a few villagers on the first day. They interacted with different members of the families. Over the course of their stay in the village, they participated in many activities. They also played games like Kabaddi with the children of the village. On the whole the visit was a great learning experience for the students of Vasant Valley School.

Class 7B
Reyaan Chopra
Class 8B
Virangnini Prithviraj
Class 8C
Gabiya Nayar
Class 9B
Aarush Shah, Nikita Gupta and Mansi
Class 9C
Rohan Malhotra, Ansh Mehta, Ishita Gupta and Preetika Jesudasan
Class 12
Bhanvi Bahl, Saira Majhitia and Jagesthwar Bedi

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