Diwali Sapling Distribution
2nd November, 2018

Upholding an over 25-year-old Diwali tradition, this year, Vasant Valley School gave out tree saplings to each student, teacher and administrative staff, to encourage the school community to embrace a green, pollution free festive season. Students from classes six to twelve had dedicated many hours over the last month to prepare the saplings for distribution, and it was heartening to see everyone walking out of school with a plant in hand, and a broad smile on their face on Friday afternoon.

Vasant Valley gives out 1400 saplings of native tropical tree species each year, and over the course of the 25-year program, has distributed over 35,000 saplings in total. The species of the saplings range from peepal and neem to jamun and mango, just to name a few. The fact that almost all the saplings are grown within the school means that this program is largely self-sufficient in its functioning.

This initiative stands as a monumental effort to combat the dwindling air quality that descends on the city of Delhi each winter. Further, it is an effective means to sensitize students about the threats posed by environmental degradation. Provided the saplings are planted in the ground, within ten years they will begin providing an invaluable ecological service to not only the school community, but to the entire city.

Soham S Kacker
Head of Environment Council

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