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Voice of Art at Nirmal Bharti School
30th November, 2018

Some of our students from classes 8 and 9 participated in an inter-school art exhibition titled 'Voice of Art' on the theme 'A Breath of Fresh Air' organised by Nirmal Bhartiya School at Sanskriti Kenda, Anandgram. The aim of the initiative was to engage the students in a research-based study where they could explore and reflect upon the various aspects of the problem of air pollution in Delhi. The students brainstormed various concepts and then created artworks depicting the impacts of the deplorable and extremely hazardous air quality in the city. Mehek Anand and Sara Khanna from class 8 created an artwork depicting the effects of air pollution on birds. Katyayani Jha and Devashii Sahu from class 9 created an installation showing a satirical take on the use of designer masks to tackle air pollution. The whole process of research and creation was beautifully documented into a time-lapse video by Jay Relan of Class 8. It was a wonderful learning experience for the students.

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