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Book Discussion on "Marley and Me" by John Grogan for Classes 6 & 7
6th September, 2018

Conducted by Udhay Aman Chopra and Ishan Kapur
The Book Discussion on the novel "Marley and Me" by John Grogan, conducted by Udhay Aman Chopra and Ishan Kapur, was an enriching experience and helped the students to connect with the book. It started off with a presentation, showing images of Marley in real life followed by the trailer of the movie adaptation. There was a healthy exchange of ideas and opinions about the book and one of the most interesting topic of discussion was about the book's title, where all suggested many alternative appropriate titles for the book.

Themes like 'family', 'love' and 'loyalty' covered in the book were also discussed along with a discussion on the author's style of writing. It was good that this book was chosen for discussion as it's a heart-warming story of sacrifice, which has many fun moments too.

Kyra Dhar 6B

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