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Exchange Program with Jhanjharola
30th August - 1st September, 2018

On 30th August 13 kids from Jhanjharola came to visit our school. They were here for two days and left on Saturday. The students who were showing them around the school had a lot of fun with them and l hope they did too. We went to the Air Force Auditorium for the Drama Festival. Watching the various plays put up by different schools was a lot of fun and we had a great time. In school we taught them typing on a WORD document. On the 31stof August they were with us the whole day, they were sitting with us in lessons and studying with us too.At the end of the day they were doing technology work on the I – Pad they worked on the application known as Paper drawing and doodling was one thing l realized that they loved. After school me and a few of my friends went with them to the movies to watch the movie GOLD and with that we ended our 2nd day with our new friends from Jhanjharola. A trip to the Qutub Minar on Saturday brought good cheer. After which our exchange program came to an end. In a few days our school will be going to Jhanjharola and a few new students will be coming here.

Pia Prasad
7- A

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