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Meet the Author - Class 4
18th September, 2018

On the 18th of September the children of Class 4 were delighted to be introduced to an author, Mrs. Roopal Kewalya, who had written a marvelous book named, 'The Little Rain Maker'. Mrs. Roopal Kewalya was inspired by her son's first experience with rain when she wrote her wonderful little book. This is Mrs. Kewalya's first published book and she's on her way to writing two more fantastic books.
We had an interactive session with Mrs. Kewalya and during the question answer session, the author gave us tons of interesting information about little children who have never seen rain. She told us about a town in Australia that has not had rain. Five year olds have not seen rain ever in their life. They don't even know what rain is and we were shocked to hear this!
'The Little Rain Maker' is set in 2028 and is about Anushka, a ten year old girl who has never seen rain and doesn't believe in it either. When Anushka goes out she has to put on three layers of sun block, wear a mask and thick glasses and put on a full sleeved t-shirt and jacket because of the sun's scorching rays. Anushka gets to know that her Grandfather is unwell and his last wish is to see rain. She goes on a journey to make it rain and that is what makes this book special.
Class 4 thoroughly enjoyed listening to Mrs. Kewalya and we are thankful to her for sharing her story.
Veda Kalra Class IV - B

We had an interactive session on 18th September 2018 with the author Mrs.Roopal Kewalya on her book – 'The Little Rainmaker'. It is set in the year 2028 and it's about a ten year old girl named Anushka who has never seen rain. The last time it had rained was the year she was born - 2018, which was ten years ago! Anushka doesn't believe that it can ever rain as she has never seen it. Unfortunately, her grandpa was unwell and was on his death bed. And Anushka wanted to fulfill his last wish of seeing the rain. So she sets out to try and do so. It sounded like a very interesting story. I was curious to know what happened next and if she did bring rain. The story also reminded me of the pollution we spread. Roopal Kewalya told us she got the idea of the story when her son was eight months old and was shocked to see rain for the first time. At first, she thought of naming it 'When it rained in 2025' as she started it in 2015. But then she decided to name the book 'The little rainmaker' instead. It is published by Penguin India books.
Gayatri Malik IV - A

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