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11 students from Class 7 and 2 teachers visited Jhanjrola village
10th to 12th April, 2019

This was a unique and first hand experience for the students. From enjoying a ride on a tractor in the fields to attending classes in the Government Middle School was a learning experience for the students. The students also visited the houses of their new friends in the village which gave them an insight into how village life is. They had immense fun in the pottery workshop and learnt new techniques of how to use the potter's wheel. The session with the village Gram Panchayat helped the students understand the functioning and role of the members of the Panchayat. Overall it was an enriching experience for the students.

Class 7
Varsha Sahrawat, Diksha Sen, Mannat Kukreja, Meher Khanna, Omisa Bahl, Shirani Prakash, Kartik Sharma, Uday Azravata, Neil Ahuja, Aryamaan Mehra and Vansh Raj Sen

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