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Visit by the students of Middle School, Jhanjorola
25th April to 27th April, 2019

Twelve students and a teacher of the Middle School of Jhanjhrola came to Vasant Valley School for the Interactive Programme from 25th April to 27th April 2019. Few of the students from Class 7 who had visited the village in the beginning of April, became buddies for these students.
The students attended the classes on 25th April and 26th April with the students of Class 7ABC. They enjoyed all the classes as all of them were very interactive. The various teachers made special lesson plans for the day to include these students. Like one Science lesson was conducted in Hindi so that the students would understand better and in the Hindi lesson the students discussed the Mahabharata. In the hobby class they attended 'Best Out of Waste' and had loads of fun making the paper bags with all the hobby students along with Ms. Mona Datta and the Special educator, Mrs. Neha Kishore. The students visited the Rail Museum on 26th April and India Gate, the War Memorial on 27th April.
It was a wonderful experience for the Class 7 buddies and the Class 11 students as well who were actively involved with the students of the Middle School after school hours. It was truly an Interactive Programme for all the students and the teachers too!!

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