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20th August, 2019

The Library Council organized the school's first ever Literature Festival-"AuthorScape". It was graced by 19 eminent authors and journalists who shared insightful anecdotes about their experiences as writers with students from classes Nursery to 12. Since it was for various school groups, the interactions were simultaneously held at various points-with the result, the entire school came alive and was abuzz with excitement throughout the day. It was a very enriching experience for authors and students alike. The initiative generated excitement amongst the students that they participated in the session having read the books beforehand. The sessions gained more momentum as several students asked thought provoking questions. The enthusiasm was seen by all as the writers could be seen encouraging the students to explore the world of books. Each author left an encouraging note to the students in the specially designed authorscape scrapbook available in the library.

Tanvi Bahl (Library coordinator)

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