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Author Visit - Arefa Tehsin
2nd December, 2019

On 2nd December 2019 the class 5 had a talk by Arefa Tehsin whose father Raza Tehsin was the mastermind behind the setting up of Ranthambore National Park. Ms. Tehsin is a snake lover and she spoke to us about not being afraid of any animals.She told us about various migration patterns in animals . She even had a very exciting quiz for us which was very informative. It was lot of fun to hear about her adventures in the forests of India and Srilanka with her father. Her book 'The Globetrotters' is about a young boy who teases everyone around him and one day his teacher cursed him to become an animal and travel around the earth . We enjoyed the interaction with the author and I cant wait to lay my hands on the book.

Kabir Sharma - V C

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