Visit by students and teachers from Haji Public School, Doda, Jammu
5th February, 2019

We were glad to have students from Haji Public School located in the Doda Dist. of Jammu amongst us at Vasant Valley School. These were meritorious students from Grade 6 to Grade 10 of Haji Public School. First we gave them a brief tour of Vasant Valley, after which we all engaged in a tie and die session. Our visitors took to the activity almost instantly, and we were amazed at the skilful work that they produced despite having never done tie and dye before.
After grabbing a quick bite on the balcony adjoining the second floor staff room, we set off to watch an event of the Vasant Valley Speakers Forum, which happened to be organised for the same day. We sat in the Vasant Manch and observed the Turncoat Debate event. Our visitors, when asked to come up with arguments for and against the motion, impressed us yet again with their arguments, which were more innovative than ours!
Finally, we buddied up and had a technology enabled drawing session where we used the Paper 53 app to explore and express our own take on the topic 'unity'. A quick discussion about the history of their school revealed that Haji Public School is a self-funded school which was started out in 2009 and has been run by the Haji family ever since.
This discussion continued over lunch, after which it was time to go. We bid them goodbye and presented them with a small token of our gratitude. Unfortunately, good times can never last!

Jai Relan 9A

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