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Library Council Summer Reading Programme
23rd July, 2019

Book Discussions

Classes 6 & 7
Fish in a Tree-Linda Mullally Hunt
15th July

The Book Discussion for classes 6 and 7 on the book 'Fish in a Tree' by Lynda Mullally Hunt was conducted on 15th July 2019. Many thought-provoking posters highlighting the key aspects and themes of the book had been put up all around the library. The event started with a short discussion about the basic plot line of the book, followed by some interesting facts about the author. There was a healthy exchange of ideas and opinions about the different themes, genres and character traits to get a deep insight into the characters of Ally, Shay, Keisha, Albert and Mr. Daniel. A game which involved un-jumbling the characters names, and acting it out for the team members to guess had also been organized. The book discussion ended with participants recommending various changes to different parts of the book, and how the quotes could apply to all of us in real life as well. It was indeed a very enriching and interactive experience.
- Kyra Dhar

Classes 8 & 9
Ender's Game-Orson Scott Card
16th July

The Book Discussion on 'Ender's Game' which took place on 16th July 2019 for classes 8 and 9 generated sparkling excitement and curiosity by the students. The students involved themselves in fiery discussion exploring various themes and sub plots of the book. Often taking the leap of going beyond the book to discuss the relevance of the themes and motifs in real life; there was a free flow of ideas and an open discussion. This encouraged students and provided them not only with the ability to connect these complex topics and ideas proposed in the book to their daily lives. It also ran fun simulations of what they would do if they were placed in the character's shoes. Everyone participated in the discussion with enthusiasm and look forward to more such stimulating sessions.
-Siddhant Nagrath

Classes 10-12
1984/George Orwell
18th July

The Book Discussion on '1984' by George took place on 18th July 2019 for classes 10-12. It was an interactive discussion with a multitude of topics ranging from repression and communism to doublethink and the exaggeration presented in the book. The participants did not just stay within the confines of the topics presented in the book, but also managed to connect the various themes and ideas to the present-day problems and how 1984 could be related to the Trump administration. This discussion was very enriching and gave the students the opportunity to present their point of view, and in the process, understand new and varied perspectives. Many students were seen voicing their views with confidence. The discussion rendered with a critical understanding of George Orwell's writing style, characterization and thematic concerns.
-Tanvi Bahl, Jai Relan and Sai Leshanth

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