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Students of classes 6-10 attended a talk by Mr. Dhruv Bogra, an adventure cyclist
12th of July, 2019

Students of classes 6-10 attended a talk by Mr. Dhruv Bogra, an adventure cyclist on 12th July. Mr Bogra shared a short gripping film of about 6.5 minutes on his epic solo journey on his bicycle 'Quest' that he undertook from Deadhorse in Alaska to Cusco in Peru in 2016-17.

It was followed by a presentation of about an hour where he mentioned the planning that went into designing the entire trip. He explained how he began from scratch from deciding the route, assembling his bicycle, and putting together essentials that would be required to undertake a 400 days long journey including limited clothes, dry food items, a water filter and a small alcohol based stove to cook food. He showed us a map of the Arctic and Americas and gave an overview of all the countries he travelled. He told us about his inspiring journey and how he followed his passion to cycle all the way from the Arctic to the Andes seeing spectacular sites, witnessing the beauty of the rich cultures of the indigenous people, his experiences of going on a solo trip, challenges he faced especially due to difficult climatic conditions and how enriched he came out in the end as he didn't give up. He said it was "the best thing that he had ever done". On the way he made lots of friends and was touched by the kindness of strangers. He told us about his hilarious encounters with grizzlies and some other wild animals as surprise visitors during his stay on the riverbanks and the wilderness. The spectacular landscapes were caught in breathtakingly beautiful pictures that mesmerised the audience.

In the end he took questions from the students and kept us all engaged and inspired with all that he shared.

Girdhar Chandok 8C

On the 12th of July, Mr. Dhruv Bogra graced us with his presence as he brought with him stories of grit and survival from his 400 day cycling endeavour all the way from the Arctic to the Andes.
Not fulfilled by his role in the corporate world and wanting to quench the desire to rediscover himself and explore the world and be the master of his own life, Mr. Dhruv Bogra ventured out into the wild with only his cycle keeping him company.
He came back more than a year on gears later with a changed perception of the world and the cultures across the globe that inhabit it and a renewed relationship with nature and outlook on life.
From his dangerous encounters with numerous wild animals to life changing experiences with new people and places, Mr. Dhruv Bogra left the students of Vasant Valley inspired and at the edge of their seats, wanting to know more.

Harnoor Singh Class 12

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