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Meet the Author - Ms. Padmini Mongia
29th July, 2019

When I entered school on 29th July, 2019 I saw that Ms. Padmini Mongia was visiting us. She was there to talk about her amazing book "Baby Looking Out and Other Stories" beautifully illustrated by Priya Kurian. I was very excited! We all had an enlightening session with Ms. Mongia as she talked about her book. The short stories are both real and magical. For example, in the story 'Baby Looking Out' the author writes about a nine month old baby who is curious about his surroundings and is observing details of people passing by which his parents may not see.

It's once in a blue moon that we hear from an author who is a teacher and a painter too. As a result, all the students were listening intently to Ms. Mongia. She mentioned that the stories were written at different times and whenever they popped up in her head! I am sure you will enjoy reading the book as much as I loved listening to the author speak about it.

Veda Kalra 5A

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