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Ramanujan Awards Ceremony at the India International Center
26th March, 2019

Vasant Valley School students were felicitated by the Mathematical Sciences Foundation for their performance in the Ramanujan Competition.
Following students were given the award of "Budding Ramanujan":
1) Shashvat Rastogi
2) Shubhkarman Singh Sandhu
3) Vedant Singh

The following students were given the award of "Potential to be Budding Ramanujan"
1) Kyra Dhar
2) Ruhan Kumar
3) Darsh puri
4) Ritwick Sapra
5) Vivasvat Rastogi
6) Siddhant Nagrath
7) Anshuman Singh
8) Arshya Gaur
9) Kavyini Garodia

Vasant Valley School received the prize for "Mathematically Outstanding School" and "Mathematically Progressive School"

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