Grace Church School, New York Exchange Programme
22nd - 27th April, 2019

A team of 20 students of Classes 8 and 9 reached Grace Church School, New York on the 22nd of April 2019, for the International Exchange Programme.
We were welcomed by the Director of the programme Ms Amber Ward. We were given a brief orientation for the week long programme. With the agenda and the individual timetables in hand, we waited eagerly and excitedly for our hosts. The school and schedule we were going to follow seemed wonderful to all of us. For months this was the most awaited moment for all of us as the best part of our entire trip was to be able to live with our host families in New York.
After meeting our equally excited hosts. We attended all their classes and at the end of the day went to their homes. We did such fun and enjoyable things with our host's fabulous families.
In 5 days we had learnt so many things, been to so many places, eaten such amazing food.
We made so many new friends that we all felt like the trip should've been so much longer, say a month!
We had joined the exchange program to learn about New York and how life is like in New York. We also understood the US system of education though different from ours but we enjoyed it there. Our host families took us to show the incredible life in NYC. Grace Church school is one of the finest schools and all of us felt privileged to be chosen to attend this programme.
We briefly understood the history of America and equally interesting were the Math and Science lessons, our free times were spent in the library. Some of us even learnt a little bit of Spanish! Last but not the least the sporting activities were again fun filled.
Our time in New York was one of the best times we've have ever had - words cannot describe the amount of memories we created in New York, we will cherish them forever.

Girdhar Chandok


Our Grace Church School, New York Experience

A group of twenty students of classes 8 and 9 with two teachers departed for the GCS exchange program. Leaving was the easy part. When we reached our true colours bled. On our way in to New York we had a 2 day stopover in London. After a good night's sleep, the fun began.

The first day we went for a city tour. Breezing through the museums, getting off at Trafalgar Square and of course visiting the Buckingham Palace. It was beautiful. When we were at the palace the queen wasn't inside nevertheless we got to see the 'changing of guards'. It was a wonderful experience. Madamme Tussauds, the Windsdor Castle, Stratford upon Evon and Oxford all equally a magical experience.

We got to New York and after spending a night in an hotel, we left for the Grace Church School. Our time spend in attending classes and PE activities seemed as if we have been there for years. Each one of us had our unique experiences with our hosts. The two dinners organised by the school, helped us bond with the other hosts as well.
Everyone there was very considerate and kind to us. It was really sweet when they gave us their complete attention during the farewell assembly. We really appreciated it. To sum up our experience up, it was wonderful and something all of us can never forget.
On our way back from New York, we also got the opportunity to visit Washington and Boston. In Washington, we visited the Smithsonian museum. We may have gone to places and done wonderful activities, but the little memories in between were what will always stay with us. Every person in Boston was really sweet and the rides and cruises were amazing and unforgettable.
Although I may have missed out on some of the events in chronology our memories are there to remain forever. The bonds and relationship we have made cross-batch are going to stay with us forever too. Thank you school for choosing us and teachers for taking care and putting up with us.

Sara Jayakumar

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