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Ms Peilu Oberoi

Sir I just heard about Ms. Oberoi, I cant believe that she is not around any more. It was such a shock. She was my favorite teacher and always supported me through so much- be it my teenage issues with my parents or mentoring me on my study schedule or even choosing a career...She was awesome! I regret not having met her before all of this happened. I can't be there in person for her family but I would want to show my support.

Swati Koul

Really sorry to lose Mrs Oberoi.I have a vivid recollection or her being Arjun's english teacher and an inspiring one at that...

Dr Nagpal

We have just learnt of the sad demise of Mrs. Oberoi. We are indeed deeply grieved and send our heartfelt commiserations to her family & the Vasant Valley fraternity.

She had been a pillar of fortitude & an apostle of endearment as she observed a silent yet concerned & affectionate vigil over our babies.

We have lost a devoted educator & an exceptional human being & she will indeed be greatly missed as she embarks upon the journey of her choice to meet her maker.

We pray for the peace of the departed soul & for god to grant her family & loved ones the strength to harbor this loss.

In Grief

Ajai, Roweena, Aditya & Naina

I was deeply saddened to hear from my son Ricky T. George about the special assembly to remember Mrs. Pielu Oberoi who passed away yesterday. I would like convey my heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family both biological family members and extended family members of Vasant Valley of colleagues, students and parents. I also read the well deserved tribute & Obituary note on the Vasant Valley website.

I have known Mrs. Oberoi well while she was head the Junior School while Ricky was there. She was so approachable and friendly to both students & parents. She was most willing to have a one to one discussion with you on any advise I asked her on parenting, +vely motivating the child or contributing to the overall development of kids, using her vast and years of experience in education. I still have fond memories of her sweet welcoming smile assuring parents all the time that nothing was impossible. I owe her a lot as a parent for he valuable contributions in making my sons Junior School years most memorable and enjoyable. I sincerely hope and pray that her soul rests in peace.

With my Best Regards

Really sorry to hear about Mrs Oberoi....She was a lovely lady.

Swapan Seth.

Heartfelt commiseration for the Vasant Valley family at the sad loss of Mrs Peilu Oberoi. We pray for her peace.

Sapna, Girish, Shiv Mohan and Brea Dutt

To our children she was the ever smiling and soft the parents she was a wonderful human being, to the school she was a pillar of strength. In this sad hour we join her family, the VVS family and her friends in a prayer of remembrance and pray to the Almighty for her soul to rest in heavenly peace. 

Zara, Aman, Minhaj, Saman and Mansoor.  

I have just read about the very sad news of the passing away of Peilu.

On my first 'official' day at VVS, Malvika and I were assigned to her class as we were going to inherit her 'babies'. I remember that Gunjan Gulati (and I am sure others as well) were very anxious whether we were going to be "kind" to the children. To be honest, I was determined to be a good teacher but kindness was not one of the qualities that I associated with teaching. In the week or two that followed Peilu changed a lot of my pre-conceived notions about what it meant to be a good teacher - at least in the pastoral sense. I am not a warm and fuzzy person, given to cuddling and hugging kids and when Peilu told me that I was supposed to do exactly that, I was initially skeptical about her ideas but now more than a decade and a half later I realize that Peilu had got it so right. I do not teach apprehensive soon-to-be-senior-school 11 year olds any more - my students are adults, many of them my contemporaries age wise, but 'kindness' is a teaching
trait that gets through every time - and I have to thank Peilu for showing me the light.

I do not want to mourn Peilu's passing - I understand that she was suffering - so I would like to celebrate all that she stood for, all that she achieved, for the beautiful spun sugar flowers that she made to decorate cakes, for all gossiping that we did in the staffroom, for all the sardar jokes that she had in her repertoire, for all her moaning and groaning when things got out of hand, as they sometimes did, for the sharing of miracle weight loss secrets, for her lovely smile, for all the good times and the bad.


I am grieved to hear that Mrs.Oberoi is no longer amongst us.I wanted to meet her before i left for college.I am deeply hurt and will miss her.She was always bright and cheerful.She had an aura around her.I always felt happy to meet her.
I am so sorry for the loss of the faculty and the school.
I will always be a part of school.
Warm Regards,
Arjun Singh

I am very sorry to hear about Mrs. Oberoi. I have many fond memories of her from my time in Junior School. May God let her soul rest in peace.

I am particularly writing this letter to express our condolence on Ms. Oberoi's demise. Mohan informed me about it day before and I thought I should write to you. In case you meet / call her family please convey our condolences to them . I dont know what to say but some one who had known her would know that a wonderful person left earth. Ms. Oberoi's calmness and affection will be always remembered.

Regards to all at VVS,
Take care,

We extent our sincere condolence to the bereaved family of Mrs Peilu Oberoi and Vasant Valley family. We also send our thoughts and prayers to her family at this difficult time. She was a very highly respected throughout community and profession and her good work changed the lives of many....
We will always miss her.
Rachna,Saurabh,Revant & Ayushe Nagpal

Heartfelt condolences to all at school ,on the passing on of Ms Oberio.Pallavi's starting years at Vasant Valley also got associated with meeting this wonderful person regularly at school.Firstly her illness was regreted and now this news.Please extend our condolences and regards to her family too..
Pallavi Anup Aarti Rawla

Hearing about Mrs. Oberoi completely devastated me . Somethings are unthinkable and Vasant Valley without Mrs. Oberoi is one of those things. She will be greatly missed. Word's cannot even begin to express our sorrow. She's in our prayers and her memories will give us strength. It's a great loss to all of us and may her soul rest in peace. I hereby also propose a minutes silence before any kind of sporting event this year in her memory. This will be a mark of respect for one of the gems of vasant valley school.
Aditya Lal