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Conservation of Resources - Class 8B
25th February, 2014

Go green, go green. That is what we all hear.
Our precious earth dying, that is what we all fear
But of course, there are ways to prevent this disaster
Now we have to make a move, and act a bit faster.
We must conserve our resources, they keep us alive
We must keep our rivers clean, and help our trees strive
We mustn't waste our resources, they’ve become very rare
We just can't waste what the earth has given us,
It really isn't fair
Make an effort, put off the tap and switch of the lights
Force others to do the same, wasting isn't right
We have to conserve our resources, keep the earth clean
I think it really is time we go green!

- Yashoda Jayal 8B

All resources we should save,
As in life they are what we crave.
We should reduce the use of coal,
Reusing and Recycling should be our goal.

Resources like paper and wood we should reuse,
So that our carbon foot print we reduce.
Fresh water won’t be left they say,
As we waste it day by day.

We should not cut down our trees,
As without them our lives would freeze.
As the youth this opportunity we should seize
To rid the world of this Global Warming disease

We are bringing our resources to an end,
For us humans why is that so hard to comprehend?
For the coming generations we should leave,
A better planet in which we can believe.

- Mahin Bharadwaj 8B

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