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Vasant Valley School Village Interaction
29th April, 2016

Vasant Valley School is partnering with the Government School, Jhanjraula , Haryana to give students in both schools an opportunity to experience each other's daily environment

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Terry Fox Run
Jan 2012

The Canadian High Commissioner, Mr. Stewart Beck, flagged off the Terry Fox Run, 1400 people participated in the run which was followed by music played by VVS students. The event ended with a short performance by the Delhi Drummers.

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Process: made through a process called Vermiculture, where worms decompose organic food waste, turning the waste into compost rich nutrients, necessary for plant growth.

Directions to use: Sprinkle a handful of the compost into the soil

Vermi compost for this term is ready
5 kg is Rs. 100/
extra cloth bag-Rs. 20/

Pls email

Made by VVS students

To order please contact Mr Vijay Trivedi: