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October 3rd 2007

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A lecture-demonstration by Gandhi Hindustani Sahitya Sabha, founded by Kaka Saheb Kalkar, to the students on how to use the charkha.
28th September 2007

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Hindi Saptah
10th -14th September2004

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VVS and Techtronics India organized an interactive session for teachers and students who will be participating in the forthcoming Indian Robot Olympiad on 14th and 15th October, 2007


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Janamashtmi Celebration at VVS
3rd September 2007

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16th Vasant Valley Drama Festival
29th -31st August 2007


Day 1: 29thAugust

Day 2: 30th August

Day 3: 31st August


6th Vasant Valley Multimedia Contest
Urban Planning-A Myth or Reality
31st August 2007

1st: Blue Bells School International, New Delhi
2nd: Vasant Valley School, New Delhi
3rd: Wellham Girls' School, Dehra Dun


Laissez Faire 2007
A Psy -Biz  Fest
30th August 2007
14 schools participated in various events

laizze faire 2007

1st: Sardar Patel Vidyalaya
2nd: Ryan International School

1st: Delhi Public School, RK Puram
2nd : DPS Mathura Road and St. Columbas' School

PSY-BIZ Case Analysis
1st: DPS RK Puram and GD Goenka
2nd: Sardar Patel Vidyalaya



4th Inter School Social Science Quiz held on August 27th 2007

I8 Schools participated in the preliminary elimination round on the computer
Four finalists were:
1. The Mother's International School  2. Sanskriti School 3. New Era Public School 4. New Green Field School
Final Quiz had 14 rounds of audio and visual rounds
Winners:Sanskriti School represented by Harkeerat Singh Randhawa and Vaibhav Kaul
Runners Up : The Mother's International represented by Krittika Adhikary and Milind Ganjoo



Celebrating India 60

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india 60

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Inter House Social Science Quiz
Held on 26th July, 2007 for Classes 9 to 12

Ist 75 points Yellow House
Ritwija Darbari - XII A
Abhay Singh - XI B
Rhea Sadh - X C
Tanvi Tandon - IX C

IInd 70 points Blue House
Bharat Shastri - XII C
Mahi Titus - XI C
Niyati Singh - X C
Prakruti Nanda - IX C


Class IV  trip to Agra

The children of Class 4 accompanied by their teachers visited Agra on the 27 th and 28 th of July  to experience the splendour of the Taj Mahal  and to acquaint themselves with the rich legacy of our historical past.

The journey to Agra was comfortable and the group  checked into the Mughal Sheraton Hotel  on schedule. After a sumptuous  lunch,  the children were briefed about the bear rescue centre at the Sur Sarovar sanctuary and the purpose behind rehabilitating the dancing bears .The group then proceeded to the sanctuary which was a half hour drive from the hotel.

The children were deeply moved by the injury caused to the bears by the Kalandars. They were happy that the bears were now  well cared for and looked after by the keepers and had lots of questions to ask.

The group got  back to the hotel by 8 pm and the children watched a puppet show and had tattoos painted  on themselves before dinner was served.

The trip to the Taj  Mahal the next morning after breakfast was thoroughly enjoyed  by the entire group as the weather gods conspired to make this visit all the more memorable. The teachers provided a lot of information to the children about the history of the Taj Mahal and various aspects of its architecture.

On their return from the monument, the hotel  authorities gave  the children a lot of information about the trees planted around the Taj Mahal. They also organised a 'tree planting activity' for the children.

The group had a hearty lunch and boarded the buses for their return to Delhi.


Class 11 Inter section Western Music competition was held on  20th July 2007


1st position:   Ketan Sharma
2nd position:  Nikhil Swaroop
3rd position:   Pranav Sarin


1st position: Aneesha Dass & Pranav Sarin
2nd position: Tarunima Prabhakar & Rochisha Shukla


1st position:   Madhavan Somanathan
2nd position:  Karan Vir Singh
3rd position:   Kartikeya Srivastava

Outstanding  performance: Karshan Sharma


Vasant Valley Chess Tournament 2007

16th July- 20th July
classes 1-5

Winner :Tarun Malhotra 3B
Runner Up: Nirvaan Bharany 5B

Classes 6-8

Winner : Veer Gupta 7B
Runner Up: Chaitanya Hari Singhania 8A

Classes 9-12

Winner : Wonjun Chang 11A
Runner Up: Utkarsh Kanoria 10B

chess 2007

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9 th Mark D'Souza Memorial Inter House Western Music Competition 2007, 8th May 2007

Red House came First


1st RED -Meher Sondhi
2 nd BLUE -Talisa Oberoi
3 rd YELLOW- Amba Kak


1 st BLUE-Sara Dayal &Ujjawala Bhandari
2 nd RED-Ashrika Kohli & Sara Chatterjee
3 rd Green –Pranav Sarin & Aneesha Dass


1 st RED-Karan &Vir Mukund Sharma
2 nd GREEN Ketan Sharma & Madhavan Somanathan

3rd BLUE aran Sharma

Group song

1 st Red House
2 nd Yellow
3 rd Green

westernmusic competitiont 2007

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Robotics Challenge '07
7 th and the 8 th of May

29 students participated. During the workshop, Mr. Apoorva Kalia taught the students the basics of programming. He taught them a new language called “Robolab”. Using this, he showed them how to program the Robot to make decisions depending on inputs from the Robot's sensors. 

1 st – Alfa Q- Anish Asthana & Sadaat Salim

2 nd – Robo 11- Ayushman Wassan & Vikrant Puri

3 rd - Robobusters- Sumer Kohli, Shivjeet Malik, ,Aman Sharma, Shabad Singh, Siddharth Balakrishnan.

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Sunita Williams interacts with VVS Students on the 24 Feb 2007 at 2.20 pm !

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School Re-opens

2nd -9th February, 2007

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Photos of Hope
Lives Saved and Transformed by HIV Treatment- Now at VVS !!

The photo exhibition on changed lives of People Living with HIV /AIDS that was organized at the American Centre, New Delhi in collaboration with AIDS Healthcare Foundation is now at VVS for 2 days- 9th and 10 of January, 2007. The exhibition is a representation of the success story of the Anti-Retroviral Treatment (ART) and care that have transformed the lives of People Living with HIV /AIDS

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uary 9th 2007