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The Salwan Cross Country Run
6th November, 2016

The Salwan Public School, with a mission to inculcate the spirit of sports amongst the youth and integrate the visually impaired / differently abled children with main stream sports, organised the Salwan Cross Country Run at the Army Equestrian Centre. Like every year, students of our school stepped in as volunteers for the 4.5 km visually challenged children's race, to hold their hand and guide each child through the uneven path. From the time we got introduced to our partners to when we raced to the finish line with them, we got to know about their lives, boosted their confidence and motivated them to continue till the end. Waking up early on a Sunday and stepping out into the immensely polluted city wouldn't be our idea of an ideal weekend but the bonds we formed and the assistance we were able to lend out made this experience a truly memorable one. Above all, we learned to reach out to another human being, not just with our hands, but with our hearts.

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