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"Raising the Bar" for our children’s cerebral, physical, spiritual, social and emotional development - 2012

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New Arrivals
14 July, 2014

1. Total Recall; My Unbelievably True Life Story/ Arnold Schwarzenegger
2. The Rise of Nine/ Pittacus Lore
3. The Hobbit / JRR Tolkien
4. The Caravaggio Conspiracy/ Alex Connor
5. The Mahabharata Secret / Christopher C.Doyle
6. The Missing Ink : How Handwriting Makes Us Who We Are/ Philip Hensher
7. Michael Douglas ; A Biography/ Mark Eliot
8. In An Antique Land / Amitav Ghosh
9. Pele; The Autobiography
10. The Lost Hero; A Biography of Subhas Bose/ Mihir Bose
11. Freud's Sister ; A Novel / Goce Smilevski
12. Identical/ Scott Turow

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Class 10 CBSE Passing Certificates for 2014 are ready and can be collected from the school office by the students or their parents on any working day between 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m

Passing Certificates, Mark sheets and Migration Certificates for the CBSE Class 12 Examinations 2014 are ready and can be collected from the school office by the students or their parents on any working day between 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

The Evening Programme at Vasant Valley School

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Travelogue Prize 2014

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Baking and Icing the Cake - Class 1
15th July, 2014

Baking Class 1

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Results of Shlok Vaachan Pratiyogita
15th July, 2014

Class 6
1st - Kabir Rebello
2nd - Aryaman Kapoor
3rd - Anahita Mahajan
Class 7
1st - Darinee Chandok
2nd - Asmita Shah
3rd - Dhruv Rattan Nashier
Class 8
1st - Kabir Singh
2nd - Saniya Sidhu
3rd - Priyam Deka and Rabiya Gupta

Inter House Cricket Senior Boys
8th May, 2014

Inter House Cricket

Yellow v/s Red
Yellow House won the final match against Red House by 56 runs
Yellow House, Batted first and made 213 runs
Arjun Khanna (won the man of the match) and scored 130 runs, Harivansh Dalmia Scored 22 runs
Best Batsman of the Tournament : - Neel Mehdiratta (Scored 260 runs in the tournament)
Best Bowler of the Tournament : - Shaurya Abhi took (8 wickets)
Player of the Tournament : - Arjun Khanna (Scored 245 runs and took 3 wickets)
Yellow House team Members as follows:
Abhishek Pathak, Anhad Singh Arora, Ankit Datta, Arjun Khanna, Gursher S Kohli, Harivansh Dalmia, Keshav Uppal, Madhav Bhardwaj, Naman Jain, Rahul Jerath, Revant Soni, Yadush Yadav and Dhruv Duggal

Hindi Kavita Vachan Pratiyogita - Class 9
8th May, 2014

1st - Asees Kaur
2nd - Akshat Bansal and Shrey Baid
3rd - Avarokin Raj

Class 5 - Just a Minute Competition
7th May, 2014

1st - Kaira Puri
2nd - Sophie Stepanian, Aamish Raj and Arshya Gaur
3rd - Tishya Kasliwal and Prarthana Batra

Map Quest Result
6th May, 2014

Class 4
1st - Pradeep M Sahni
2nd - Udhay A Chopra
3rd - Yuvan Kapur, Dakshyani Chandna, Arnav Goyal, Ishan Kapur, Jai Mittal and Ruhan Chopra

Class 5
1st - Aadarsh Chowdhury, Samanvay. S Chauhan, Aditya Garg, Agastya Rattan, Ananya Mehra and Vaibhav Trivedi
2nd - Ansh Mehta and Harveer. S Kochar
3rd - Aamish Raj, Devaditya .S Tomar, Jayditya. V. Bagrodia, Suryavir Vaidyanathan, Vir Jain, Aaryak Raj, Rohan Malhotra and Sophie Stephanian

Standard Tests Classes 3 - 12
5th May, 2014

Standard Tests

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Junior School Class Act
2nd May, 2014

Junior Class Act

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Show and Tell on Light by Class 5
2nd May, 2014

Show N Tell - Class 5

Poetry Writing Competition In Social Studies - Class 4
1st May, 2014

1st - Dakshyani Chandra and Mehek Anand
2nd - Yuvan Kapur and Ishan Kapur
3rd - Armaan Sarna, Taanvir Sood, Vira Chatwal and Pradeep Mehra Sahni

Individual India Quiz Class 4
1st May, 2014

1st - Shiv Bhandari
2nd - Devanshi Sawhney
3rd - Taanvir Sood and Advaita Sehgal

कक्षा ७ c के छात्र अपने प्रान्त विशेष के व्यंजनों को आपस में बाँटते हुए।
खानपान की बदलती तस्वीर पाठ से सम्बंधित गतिविधि
15th July, 2014

Khaan Paan

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VVS Drama Festival 2014 Student's Workshop
15th to 17th July, 2014

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Class 6 to 10 Hindi Kahani Lekhan
17th July, 2014

Class 6
1st - Anahita Mahajan and Anahit Bindra
2nd - Rahil Dutta
3rd - Moksh Wadhwa
Class 7
1st - Amiya Kumar
2nd - ILeesha Chauhan and Anandini Khanna
3rd - Tiya Gulyani and Smiti Oberoi
Class 8
1st - Rabiya Gupta
2nd - Aditi Singh and Soham Kakkar
3rd - Subiya Asad and Priyam Deka
Class 9
1st - Asees Kaur
2nd - Aditya Chopra and Diya Biswas
3rd - Ishita Dutta
Class 10
1st - Aanchal Sharma
2nd - Sanjari Kalantri and Janani Gurumurthy
3rd - Tarini Sharma and Ujjwala Singh

Class IV Celebrating Uttar Pradesh
11th July, 2014

Class 4 UP

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Foundation Orientation
7th July, 2014

Foundation Orientation

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Kushagra Gaur, Class 12 represented India at the Special Olympics , Golf Masters Tournament in Macau. 117 athletes represented 19 countries , from all over the world, in the First International Golf Championship organised by Special Olympics.
The Indian Team emerged the winners and Kushagra received the Team Trophy as well as a Gold Medal

Hindi E-Patr Lekhan Pratiyogita
8th May, 2014

1st - Asees Kaur and Namit Makhija
2nd - Harsh Vardhan Vaish
3rd - Akshat Bansal and Avarokin Raj

Asia Quiz Class V
7th May, 2014

1st - Agastya Rattan
2nd - Aarush Shah
3rd - Suyash Das Gupta, Aditya Garg and Vijit Mann

Inter House English Word Quiz - Class 4
7th May, 2014

1st - Blue House - 20 points
2nd - Red House 18.5 points
3rd - Yellow House - 18 points
4th - Green House - 17.5 points

Individual Technology Quiz
5th May, 2014

Class 5
1st - Sanaaya Rao (5C) and Vijit Mann (5A)
2nd - Sabeer Bhullar (5B)
3rd - Agastya Rattan(5C) and Arhaan Kaura(5B)
Class 4
1st - Dhruv Arora (4C)
2nd - Shiv Bhandari (4A)
3rd - Dhruv Singh (4B)

Hindi Kavita Lekhan Pratiyogita - Class 9
1st May, 2014

1st - Akanksha Bajaj
2nd - Asees Kaur
3rd - Avarokin Raj
4th - Aditya Chopra
5th - Abid Irfaan

Nursery Splash Taal Party
6th May, 2014

Nursery Splash Taal

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Maths Quiz 4
6th May, 2014

Class 3
Shiv Hegde , Siddharth C Sharma and Arhaan Mukherjee Saha
Class 4
Rohan Singh Pahwa
Class 5
Agastya Rattan Nashier and Aarush Shah

Vasant Valley School U-17 Cricket team participated in the 14th Maj. R.K. Von Goldstein Tournament held at Bishop Cotton School, Shimla
1st to 3rd of May, 2014


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