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"Raising the Bar" for our children’s cerebral, physical, spiritual, social and emotional development - 2012

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New Arrivals
7th April, 2014

1. The Good Luck of Right Now / Mathew Quick
2. The Gods of Guilt / Michael Connelly
3. The Girl Who Fell from the Sky / Heidi Durrow
4. The Last Word / Hanif Kureishi
5. Jungle Trees of Central India / Pradip Krishen
6. Mathematics ; Core and Extended / Ric Pimentel
7. 1000 Math Problems / Sam Philips
8. The ICD- 10 Classification of Mental and Behavioral Disorders / WHO

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Date Sheet for Class 12
CBSE Examination

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Schedule for April Assessments
Class 9 and Class 12

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Yamuna Yatra 2014

Yamuna Yatra

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The Evening Programme at Vasant Valley School

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Class 12 Village Trip to Teekli Village, Haryana
31st March, 2014

Class 12 Teekli Village

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Class 5 Poetry Recitation Competition
4th April, 2014

1st - Rohan Malhotra
2nd - Vedika Shrikhande, Vallabhi Dalmiya, Aadarsh Choudhary, Kaira Puri and Agastya Rattan
3rd - Ayzra Dang, Sophie Stepanian, Asees Manku, Sanah Bedi, Prithvi Mehta and Ishaan Wahi

Students of class 12 studying Business Studies and Accountancy visited the Gurgaon plant of Hero MotoCorp
2nd April, 2014

Class 12 at Hero MotoCorp

Paro Anand with Classes 3, 4 and 5
2nd April, 2014

Meet the Author

Inter House Sub-Jr Boys Cricket Tournament
2nd April, 2014


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Speed Math 3 for Class 9
5th April, 2014

Winner Kanishk Khanna
Students who did well : Sridhar Hari Singhania , Divvij Chandna and Aditya Kapur

Junior School Class Act
28th March, 2014

Friday Class Act

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Asset Result
December, 2013

Overall outstanding - Shridhar Hari Singhania from class 8

Outstanding in English
Class 5 - Tia Goculdas, Devaki Jayal, Aadi Jain, Mokshya Wadhwa, Reana Soni
Class 8 - Aryaman Nirvan, Aditya Chopra and Jay Jagannath

Outstanding in Science
Class 5 - Devaki Jayal and Ayushe Nagpal

Outstanding in Maths
Class 5 - Shreepriya Jindal and Vedika Bagla
Class 8 - Shridhar Hari Singhania, Divvij Chandna and Vedant Sisodia

Outstanding in Social Studies
Class 8 - Aditya Kapur and Jay Jagannath

Maths March Quiz
3rd April, 2014

Highest scorers in class 3 : Sana Mehra, Arhaan Mukherjee Saha, Ruhan Kumar, Shiv Hegde and Varenya Shrikhande
Highest scorer in class 4 : Rohan Singh Pahwa
Highest scorers in class 5 : Ansh Mehta, Agastya Rattan Nashier and Aarush Shah

A group of 6 children attended a painting workshop at the National Gallery of Modern Art
27 March, 2014

Painting Workshop

Through art and colours, awareness was created about inclusion. This workshop was one of a series of events to mark World Autism Day and World Downs Syndrome Day.

Social Science Essay Writing Competition 6-8
28th March, 2014

Class 6
1st - Tia Gokuldas
2nd - Ayushe Nagpal and Jai Kapoor
3rd - Sanaa Sharma
Class 7
1st - Saiesha Gupta and Dhruv Rattan Nashier
2nd - Sehej Kaur
3rd - Aadya Choudhary and Sumona Sarin
Class 8
1st - Rabiya Gupta 8B and Niharika Rao 8A
2nd - Mahin Bharadwaj 8B and Saniya Sidhu 8B

Hindi Poem Recitation Competition Class 4
26th March, 2014

1st - Krishna Dev Agrawal
2nd - Prince Raju Paul, Saarthak Khosla and Garvit Rana
3rd - Devanshi Sawhney, Sukriti Jain and Taanvir Sood

Class Nursery Visit Nehru Park
18th March, 2014

Nursery at Nehru Park

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The Inter House Social Science Quiz
11th March, 2014

1st - Red House Team
Sanna Sharma, Didar Rebello and Mahin Bharadwaj

SST Quiz

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Result of Speed Math for class 6

Winner : Armaan Gandhi
Commendable Performance:
Mokshya Wadhwa, Kabir Mario Dominic Rebello, Tia Gokuldas, Armaan Singh and Kartik Vatsal Vaish

Results of Speed Math 3 for Class 8

Winners : Ashutosh Trivedi and Veeraj Jindal
Performed well : Aditya Venkataraman, Amay Gupta, Mahin Bharadwaj, Rabiya Gupta, Rahul Basu, Rudrabhishek Lalwani, Rhea Sahni and Suryadip Bandhopadhyay

Results Speed Math 2 for Class 9

Winner : Kanishk Khanna
Performed well : Kanish Chandrashekhar and Prakhar Jain

Results of Speed Math 2 for Class 12

Winner : Nirvaan Bharany
Performed well : Yash Wig



The admission process to Foundation for the academic year 2014-15 is a subject matter in the Hon'ble High Court of Delhi and the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India. The admission process is therefore subject to these proceedings and is without prejudice to our rights and subject to the decision by the court of law.

click here to view applicants shortlisted under economically weaker section & disadvantaged group category.

click here to view applicants waitlisted under economically weaker section & disadvantaged group category.

click here to view the list of students selected for admission (including all those children who have got 75 points or above except Inter State Transfer Case)

Click here to view applicants waitlisted under the 'Girl child quota'

As per the order of the Hon’ble High Court, admission of the selected candidates have to be concluded by the 9th of April. Submission of documents and payment of fees can be done in the school office on Monday, 7th April, Tuesday, 8th April and Wednesday, 9th April, 2014, between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

Draw of lots for Admissions for the remaining seats will be conducted after the next hearing by the Hon’ble High Court on 16th April, 2014

Speed Math Round 4 for Class 12
11th April, 2014

Winner : Deb Banerjee
Students who have done well : Aanya Dalmia, Yash Wig and Armaan Grewal

Junior School Cookery Hobby - Team Work
4th April, 2014

Team Work

Class 12 Trip to Sanjay Van
25th March, 2014

Sanjay Van

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Bulbul Sharma with Class 3
2nd April, 2014

Class 4 Visit the National Science Centre
2nd April, 2014

Class 4

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Class 4 with an artisan, Mr. Riyaz from Kashmir. Learning all about Paper Mache and tasting Kahwa.
31st March, 2014

Artisan from Kashmir

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Class Activity 7b
28th March, 2014

Class Act 7B

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Class 5 Visit Humayun Tomb
26th March, 2014

Class 5 at Humayun Tomb

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Hindi Recitation Class 5
27th March, 2014

1st Rohan Malhotra and Vedika Shrikhande
2nd Sophie Stepanian and Agastya Rattan Nashier
3rd Mahika Dalmiya, Asees Manku and Ishan Wahi

Our Visitors from Grace Church
25th March, 2014

Grace Church

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25th Track and Field Meet
21st February, 2014

Bishwarupa Ishwari Dasgupta won the best Athletes Award

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English Poetry Recitation of Class 4
18th March, 2014

1st - Ishan Kapur, Devanshi Sawhney and Dhruv Arora
2nd - Nayra Kohli and Saarthak Khosla
3rd - Veeraj Puri

Holi Ke Rang
17th March, 2014


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English Poetry Recitation Class-3
14th March, 2014

Class 3 English Poetry

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