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New Arrivals
30th November, 2015

1. The Story of Philosophy / Brian Magee
2. Grandpa's Great Escape / David Walliams
3. Why India is not a Great Power (Yet ) / Bharat Karnad
4. Career of Evil / Robert Galbraith
5. The Mountain Shadow / Gregory D Roberts
6. The Last Englishman / Laeeq Futehally
7. Red Queen / Victoria Aveyard
8. Britain's Betrayal In India / Frank Anthony
9. Host / Robin Cook
10. Rugby Skills / Tony Williams

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Passing Certificates and Mark sheets for the CBSE Class 12 Examinations 2015 are ready and can be collected from the school office by the students or their parents on any working day between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.

Class 11 Admissions

All admissions to Class 11 for 2015 are now closed

CBSE Class 12 Results 2015

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The Evening Programme at Vasant Valley School

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Speed Math 6 for Class 10
26th November, 2015

Divvij Chandna

Good performance
Aanchal Mahajan, Aditya Kapur and Kanishk Khanna

CBSE National Football Tournament 2015
24th November, 2015

Our U-19 Girls football team won the 3rd place in the tournament where almost 16 zone teams took part from south, north, west and east zones. The tournament was held at Saint Soldier International School, Chandigarh.

Team members:
Vrinda Puri, Aarushi Madan, Jahnvi Toshniwal, Nimran Kang, Ishwari Dasgupta, Gaurika Bhardwaj, Arshya Chopra, Sia Dawar, Mehr Kohli, Sereena Bhullar, Ashna Suri, Kathleen Ireland, Medha Varma, Anya Malhotra, Ahana Benerjee, Garima Rana and Kaira Puri

Class 3 Loud Reading Activity
8th November, 2015

CBSE North Zone Football Tournament for Girls
6th November, 2015

U-19 Girls football team won the 3rd place in the CBSE North Zone football tournament and the team has qualified for the CBSE National football tournament which is going to held in Chandigarh from 20th to 24th of November 2015

Team Members are:- Aarushi Madan, Nimran Kang, Jahnvi Toshniwal, Gaurika Bhawdwaj, Arshya Chopra, Sia Dawar, Mehr Kohli, Gauri Uttam, Sareena Bhullar, Ashna Suri, Kathleen Ireland, Ahana Benerjee, Anya Malhotra, Kaira Puri, Garima Rana

Itihaas-NU Camp
23rd - 25th October, 2015

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Delhi Olympic Games 2015
30th October, 2015

Our Rhythmic Gymnastics Team won the Bronze medal at the Delhi Olympic Games 2015
Chinmayee Shukla also won the Individual Bronze Medal in the Ball Event
Team Members:
Chinmayee Shukla 8A, Manya Malhotra 7C, Ayushe Nagpal 7A and Samara Jind Mohan 6B

Inter School Girls Football Tournament organized by Modern School, Vasant Vihar
28th October, 2015

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Vasant Valley Boys Cricket team (under 14) participated in the Zone 20 Inter School Cricket Tournament
9th October to 16th October, 2015

Vasant Valley Boys won the final match against G.D. Goenka by 3 wickets

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October Maths Quiz Results
16th October, 2015

Class 3
Aaryaveer Khoda, Kyra Dhar and Kabir Bahl
Class 4
Darsh Puri
Class 5
Shivaan Salooja, Siddhant Nagrath and Udhay Aman Chopra

Story Writing Competition Class 4
15th October, 2015

Anantveer Bagrodia, Jia Noor Singh and Saanya Anand
Devaki Menon and Prithvi Rajan Khanna
Girdhar Chandok, Saisha Agarwal and Rayyan Kidwai

Speed Math Round 8
9th October, 2015

Class 7
Prithvi Oak
Done Well
Advait Iyer, Siddhant Gandhi and Vedika Bagla

Class 8
Rohil Bahl and Arusha Nirvan
Done well
Shaurya Bharadwaj, Yuvraj Singh Mamik, Dhruv Yadav, Shubham Kalantri and Panshul Singh

Results of Hindi Bhasha Gyan Pratiyogita Class 6
8th October, 2015

1st - Aaryak Raj
2nd - Rohan Mallhotra and Agastya Rattan
3rd - Aarush Shah

पिछले सप्ताह हिन्दी क्रियाकलाप के अंतर्गत कक्षा 6 अ , ब के छात्रों द्वारा ''टिकट अलबम'' पाठ पढ़ाया गया । सीखने की इसी प्रकिया के अंतर्गत छात्रों ने विभिन्न प्रकार के अलबम बनाकर कक्षा में प्रस्तुत किए ।
7th October, 2015

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Results of Sanskrit Shabd Gyan Pratiyogita
1st October, 2015

Class 8
1st - Sehej Kaur
2nd - Raghav Taneja
3rd - Darinee Chandok and Saiesha Gupta
Class 7
1st - Vedika Bagla, Saana Sharma and Siya Garg
2nd - Prithvi Ranjeet Oak
3rd - Kabir Mario Dominic (Rebello) and Reana Soni
Class 6
1st - Katyayani Jha
2nd - Aditya Garg, Arshya Gaur and Agastyaa Gupta
3rd - Devaditya S Tomar, Anshuman Singh and Lakshyaa Aryaa

कक्षा ८ 'अ ' व 'बी' के छात्रों ने 'जहाँ पहिया है ' पाठ में पुडुकोट्टई गाँव की महिलाओं के आत्मविश्वासी और आत्मनिर्भर बनने के बारे में पढ़ा। ऐसी ही दो प्रेरणादायक महिलाओं के विषय में मौखिक प्रस्तुतीकरण किया।
24th September, 2015

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Maths Quiz Results
29th September, 2015

Class 3
Saara Mehta and Aarush Kapur
Class 4
Darsh Puri, Manya Kaur Chhabra, Meher Dhawan, Ritwick Sapra, Shubhkarman Singh Sandhu, Neel Mehta, Varenya Shrikhande, Arhaan Mukherjee Saha, Ayra Monga, Rayyan Ebrahim Kidwai, Saanya Anand, Saisha Aggarwal and Zubin Mehra
Class 5
Rohan Singh Pahwa

Speed Maths Results
29th September, 2015

Class 11
Sanjari Kalantri
Done well
Yash Garde and Nikita Dhawan

Class 12
Akarsh Hemrajani, Jai K Prasad and Rishabh Periwal
Done Well
Ricky T. George and Shiv Seth

Results of Social Science Essay Writing Competition for Class 5
28th September, 2015

Devanshi Sawhney, Siddhant Nagrath and Saarthak Khosla
Taanvir Sood and Aadi Nayar
Jia Mittal and Shiv Bhandari

Class 4 Trip to Taj Mahal
18th & 19th September, 2015

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Roller Skating State Game held at Air Force Golden Jubilee Institute, Delhi
15th - 16th September, 2015

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Excellence Awards 2015
18th November, 2015

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Subject Awards 2015
16th November, 2015

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5th Pathways Invitational Inter-school Squash Tournament 2015
5th & 6th October, 2015

Kabir Rebello won the Under 13 category
Amaya Kothari won the 2nd place in the Under 19 category

Class 3 Spelling Bee
6th November, 2015

Aarush Kapur (3 A) - Spelling Bee
Miheeka Bagla(3B) and Aaryaveer Khoda (3A) - first runners up
Raemana Rashna Panda (3B) - second runner up

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Diwali Assembly
6th November, 2015

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Citizen's Science
3rd November, 2015

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Nishayamato High School visit Vasant Valley
3rd November, 2015

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Class 5 Spell Bee Competition
2nd November, 2015

Mehak Anand
2nd Position
Jai Mittal, Gurmai Singh Malvai and Daksayani Chandra

Results of Financial Quiz Class 11
2nd November, 2015

1st - Sanjari Kalantri
2nd - Gaurang Raizada
3rd - Anhad Singh Arora and Nikita Agarwal

Results of the 18th Inter House Indian Music Competetion
16th October, 2015

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Spelling Bee Class 4
30th October, 2015

Arhaan Mukherjee Saha
Ritwick Sapra
Saanya Anand

Results of Social Science Quiz for Class 5
17th October, 2015

Devanshi Sawhney
Jehan Vir Singh Bhandal and Ishan Kapur
Taanvir Sood and Udhay Aman Chopra

Class 3 iMovie Trailers on Panchatantra Tales
16th October, 2015

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Story Telling Session
Class 4 with Ms. Shibani Sharma
7th October 2015

Nanhi Chaan Essay Writing Competition
7th October, 2015

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Results of Hindi Bhasha Gyan Pratiyogita Class 9
8th October, 2015

1st - Aditi Singh
2nd - Abhijeet Aulakh
3rd - Saniya Sidhu and Shohom R Dasgupta

Results of Hindi Bhasha Gyan Pratiyogita Class 10
8th October, 2015

1st - Asees Kaur and Aanchal Mahajan
2nd - Shrey Baid
3rd - Akanksha Bajaj and Samridhi Hooda

Results of Hindi Bhasha Gyan Pratiyogita Class 8
6th October, 2015

1st - Ideka Dang
2nd - Adya Jatia
3rd - Bhavya Mitra, Basudev Jha and Aarusha Nirvan

Results of Hindi Bhasha Gyan Pratiyogita Class 7
6th October, 2015

1st - Armaan Gandhi
2nd - Vedika Bagla
3rd - Mokshya Wadhwa and Siya Garg

VVeaves - An Inter School Festival, Celebrating Creativity
29th - 30th September, 2015

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English Essay Writing Competition - Class 5
7th October, 2015

Jehan Vir Singh Bhandal
Kian Kuber Nagpal and Udhay Aman Chopra
Advaita Sehgal and Daksayani Chandra

Results of Physics Website Designing
5th October, 2015

1st - Rabiya Gupta
2nd - Aditi Singh
3rd - Ritvick Bhalla

13th Delhi State Gymnastics Competition
25th - 28th September, 2015

Rhythmic Under 12 team - 1st
Manya Malhotra 1st in Ball and Ribbon
Ananya Roach 2nd in Ball
Ayushe Nagpal 2nd in Ribbon

Artistic Under 10 A team - 1st
Maya Malik 2nd in Floor exercises, Balancing Beam and All Round Best Gymnast
Mariyam Shaw 3rd in Floor exercises
Shivani Sharma 3rd in Balancing Beam and All Round Best Gymnast

Artistic Under 10 B team - 2nd

Artistic Gymnastics Under 12 team - 1st
Meha Kapur 2nd in Floor exercises and 3rd in All Round Best Gymnast
Neha Bisht 2nd in Balancing Beam and All Round Best Gymnast
Anaya Tejpal 3rd in Floor exercises and Balancing Beam

Poetry Recitation Class 3
26th September, 2015

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Unified Football State Game for Special Olympics
24th September, 2015

Vasant Valley School won the GOLD medal in the Unified Football State Game of Special Olympics

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Results of Hindi Bhasha Gyan Pratiyogita Class 7
23rd September, 2015

1st - Armaan Gandhi
2nd - Vedika Bagla
3rd - Mokshya Wadhwa and Siya Garg

Results of Zonal Athletic Meet
Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium
15th - 18th September, 2015

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