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"Raising the Bar" for our children’s cerebral, physical, spiritual, social and emotional development - 2012

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Junior School Reading List - 2014

Senior School Reading List - 2014

Senior Library
New Arrivals
25th August, 2014

1. The Revenge of Geography/Robert D Kaplan
2. Ghost Wars; The Secret History of CIA / Steve Coll
3. Jinnah; India- Partition Independence / Jaswant Singh
4. The Snowball; Warren Buffett and the Business of Life/ Alice Schroeder
5. The Dilbert Future / Scott Adams
6. Anansi Boys/ Neil Gaiman
7. Wheels/ Arthur Hailey
8. The Snowman/ Jo Nesbo
9. Under the Dome /Stephen King
10. And Thereby Hangs A Tale / Jeffrey Archer
11. Dead Man's Time / Peter James
12. Sherlock Holmes;24 Classic Short Stories / Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Junior School Spelling Lists

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Date Sheet for Class 12
CBSE Examination

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Class 10 CBSE Passing Certificates for 2014 are ready and can be collected from the school office by the students or their parents on any working day between 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m

Passing Certificates, Mark sheets and Migration Certificates for the CBSE Class 12 Examinations 2014 are ready and can be collected from the school office by the students or their parents on any working day between 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

The Evening Programme at Vasant Valley School

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Talk by Dr Giti Chandra
27th August, 2014

Dr. Giti Chandra

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Maths Quiz - August, 2014

Highest scorers:
Class 3 : Lavanya Agarwal
Class 4 : Rohan Singh Pahwa, Taanvir Sood, Veeraj Puri, Gurmay Singh Malvai and Mehek Anand
Class 5 : Agastya Rattan Nashier and Shaurya Chandna

Class 5 English Poetry Writing
25th August, 2014

1st - Suyash Dasgupta
2nd - Prithvi Mehta
3rd - Arhaan Kaura

Science Showcase
22nd August, 2014

Science Show Case

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Inter-House Spelling Bee Competition
22nd August, 2014

1st - Yellow House
Team Members:
Yashoda Jayal, Dhruv Rattan Nashier and Aanvi Gupta

11th Laissez Faire
21st August, 2014

11th Laissez Faire

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Tennis and Squash Ladder
19th August, 2014

Under 14 Boys
1st - Shourya Sood
2nd - Shauryavardhan Singh
Under 14 Girls
1st - Serena Bhullar
2nd - Gauri Uttam
Under 18 Boys
1st - Armaan Anand
2nd - Mueed Asad

Under 14 Boys
1st - Aman Nayar
2nd - Talin Sharma
Under 14 Girls
1st - Nehmat Mann
2nd - Naira Kothari
Under 18 Girls
1st - Amaya Kothari
2nd - Ishwari Das Gupta

त्योहारों का देश भारत- कक्षा नवमी -दशमी द्वारा रचनात्मक कार्य
15th August, 2014

Class 9

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Speed Math Results
August, 2014

Class 12
Yadush Yadav and Deb Banerji
Student who did well
Armaan Grewal, Ayush Sharma, Revant Soni, Nirvaan Bharany, Arkin Khosla, Shantanu Puri, Yash Vig and Roopak Malik

Class 11
Winner : Akarsh Hemrajani
Students who did well :
Rishabh Periwal, Rishab Chatterji, Mallika Oak and Raaghav Gupta

Class 6
Winner : Aadi Jain
Students who did well:
Armaan Gandhi, Siddhant Gandhi and Vedika Bagla

Result of the Gupp competition
14th August, 2014

Class 5
1st - Rohan Malhotra
2nd - Vaibhav Trivedi
3rd - Dhairya Kataria and Kanish Aggarwal
Class 4
1st - Devanshi Sawhney
2nd - Daksayani Chandra, Bhav Khanna and Gaurang Deka
3rd - Ishan Kapur, Garvit Rana and Taanvir Sood

Bhutan Exchange Programme - Class 8
1st August, 2014 - 10th August, 2014

Bhutan Exchange Programme

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Asian Youth Development Programme, Okinawa
3rd - 24th August, 2014

Asia Youth

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Travelogue Prize 2014

Class 7
1st - Sehej Kaur
2nd - Asmita Shah and Devika Diwan
Class 8
1st - Shoham Kacker
2nd - Serena Bhullar
Class 9
Devika Vir
Kamya Yadav

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Prabhat Pheri Song Book
15th August, 2014

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Poster Making Independence Day - Classes 6 & 8
13th August, 2014

Poster Making

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Jigyasa - The Eleventh Inter School Social Science Quiz
8th August, 2014


24 teams participated in an online preliminary quiz .The Quiz Host was Mr. Yaman Varma an alumni of the batch of 2005. The results are as follows:

1st - Amity International School, Saket
2nd - Air Force Golden Jubilee Institution

Jigyasa Guests

There was an interactive session of students with Mr Rajdeep Sardesai and Mr Akhil Bakshi.

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Buddy Reading
7th August, 2014

Buddy Reading

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Sub Junior Inter House Football Boys & Girls Results for Classes 6 to 8
1st August, 2014

Boys : Final match was played between Yellow House and Green House and the final score was 1-0 in favour of Yellow House
Best Player of the Tournament: Prithvi Singh

Girls : Final match was played between Yellow House and Red House and the final score was 2-0 in favour of Red House
Best Player of the Tournament : Kathleen Ireland

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Spelling Bee Results for Classes 6 and 7
1st August, 2014

Class 6
1st - Jai Kapoor
2nd - Vedika Bagla
3rd - Devaki jayal
Class 7
1st - Y. Sachin and Shaurya Bharadwaj
2nd - Aadya Choudhary
3rd - Sumona Sarin

Class 5 - Tall Tale Competition
1st August, 2014

Kaira Puri and Vaibhav Trivedi
Arshya Gaur, Rohan Malhotra and Prithvi Mehta
Tishya Kasliwal, Arjuna Vaish and Shyla Khattar

Class 1 Visit to the Airforce Museum
31st July, 2014

Class 1

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23rd Vasant Valley School Drama Festival
27th, 28th and 29th August 2014

23rd Drama Fest

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Results of Science Essay Writing Competition
26th August, 2014

Class 9 and 10
1st - Ananya Jain class 9
2nd - Zoya Hassan class 9 and Lakshay P Kaura class 10

Class 11 and 12
1st - Rishabh Chatterjee
2nd - Viruj V Menon

Vasant Valley Inter School Multimedia Contest
22nd August, 2014

MMC - 2014

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Declamation Class 4
20th August, 2014

Devanshi Sawhney
Siddhant Nagrath, Dhruv Arora, Mehak Anand and Uday Chopra
Ishan Kapur, Veeraj Puri, Saarthak Khosla and Jaisal Sood

Ricky T George at United Space School Program
27th July - 11th August, 2014

Ricky T George

Intersection Poetry Competition for Classes 6 to 12
19th August, 2014

Class 6 (Heroes , Time)
Devaki Jayal - 1st
Nirvair Singh and Vedika Bagla - 2nd
Sanaa Sharma - 3rd
Class 7 (Taste of Bliss, Field of Dreams)
Suhasini Takkar - 1st
Harnoor Singh - 2nd
Tanvi Bahl - 3rd
Class 8 ( Time and Tide, Masks)
Aryan Sadh -1st
Nitya Dhingra- 2nd
Pranav Jain- 3rd
Class 9 (Destiny's Curse, Shades of Life)
Ashna Sethi - 1st
Varun Bisht and Zoya S.Hassan - 2nd
Samridhi Hooda- 3rd
Class 10 (Jagged Edges, 25)
Riya Kothari - 1st
Nimran Kang - 2nd
Aanchal Sharrma - 3rd
Class 11 (Authentically Fake, Checkmate)
Mihika Johorey and Malika Oak - 1st
Rehan Luthra - 2nd
Aniruddha Singh Jafa - 3rd
Class 12 (Invisible Cities, Spell A Rebel)
Zahra Choudhury - 1st
Abhiruchi Rathi - 2nd
Anya Priya Dalmia and Revant Soni - 3rd

Ameera Chawla - 3B, represented Vasant Valley in the YMCA championship
20th August, 2014

Ameera Chawla

Ameera won a bronze in the 50 mt back stroke and a bronze in 50 mt free style

15th August Celebrations - 2014

15th August Celebrations

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The Psychology Inter House Quiz for classes 11and 12
11th August, 2014

Winning team Red House
Sanah Devika Rao, Gauri Sindhu, Senna Singh and Rishab Periwal
2nd - Yellow House
Rhea Khanna, Abhiruchi Rathi, Armaan Narang and Sukhmani Singh

Science Poetry Writing Competition Class 4
14th August, 2014

Vira Chhatwal
Advaita Sehgal
Ambika Saklani

Food Collage Competition Class 4
14th August, 2014

Saarthak Khosla and Krrish Dahiya
Arjun Shringi and Advaita Sehgal
Yuvan Kapur and Udhay Aman Chopra

Individual Science Quiz Class 5
14th August, 2014

1st - Aarush Shah
2nd - Vijit Mann
3rd - Ansh Mehta

Hwa Chong Asia Pacific Young Leaders Summit
14th to 22nd July, 2014


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22nd Bro. Mahony Inter School Soccer Tournament 2014
11th August, 2014


A total of 16 teams participated from Delhi and NCR. Vasant Valley School played 4 matches to win the trophy!

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Mock Stock Exchange for Class 11 and 12
6th August, 2014

1st Prize - Raghavendra Narang and Ronak Bansal
2nd Prize - Paras Marya and Rishabh Periwal
3rd Prize - Avneet Sinha and Akshita Jain

Junior Class Act
8th August, 2014

Junior Class Act

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Maths Quiz Result
8th August, 2014

Class 3 - Shiv Hegde and Soumya Garg
Class 4 - Veeraj Puri
Class 5 - Suyash Dasgupta

Speed Math 6 for class 9
6th August, 2014

Winner - Aditya Kapur
Good Performance - Kanishk Khanna and Pushan Jain

Spelling Bee Results Classes 6 - 8
31st July, 2014

Class 6
Kartik Vatsal Vaish - 1st
Armaan Gandhi - 2nd
Class 7
Shubham Kalantri - 1st
Rohil Bahl - 2nd
Class 8
Yashoda Jayal - 1st
Shiv Singh Juneja - 2nd

Story Telling Activity Class 3
28th July, 2014

Class 3 Story Telling

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Cooking Hobby - Battle of the Grades
18th July, 2014

Cooking Hobby

Cooking Hobby

Inter House Football Tournament Senior Boys & Girls
23rd July, 2014

Green House beat Red House by 1-0.
Best Player of the Tournament: Gurbaz Khera
Green House beat Blue House by 3-1 in penalties
Best Player of the Tournament: Jayanti Jha

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कक्षा ७ c के छात्र अपने प्रान्त विशेष के व्यंजनों को आपस में बाँटते हुए।
खानपान की बदलती तस्वीर पाठ से सम्बंधित गतिविधि
15th July, 2014

Khaan Paan

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VVS Drama Festival 2014 Student's Workshop
15th to 17th July, 2014

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