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New Arrivals
27th July, 2015

1. Tai-Pan / James Clavell
2. Just Henry / Michelle Magorian
3. Ruby Redfort; Feel the Fear / Lauren Child
4. The Santangelos / Jackie Collins
5. The Mountain Story / Lori Lansens
6. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy / John le Carre
7. Orphan Train / Christina Baker Kline
8. When the Moon is Low /Nadia Hashmi
9. Messenger of Fear / Michael Grant
10. In the Court of Ranee of Jhansi / John Lang

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Mark sheets for the CBSE Class 12 Examinations 2015 are ready and can be collected from the school office by the students or their parents on any working day between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m

Class 11 Admissions

All admissions to Class 11 for 2015 are now closed

CBSE Class 12 Results 2015

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.Travelogue Prize 2015

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The Evening Programme at Vasant Valley School

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'भारतीय सिनेमा की यात्रा' - Class 8C
24th July, 2015

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Inter School Competitions

English Debate at Modern School Vasant Vihar
16th July, 2015
Aryan Sadh was declared as the best speaker

Spell It Right at Modern School Vasant Vihar
17th July, 2015
Vijit Mann and Agastya Rattan Nashier stood third

Masquerade Of Expressions
17th July, 2015
Tanvi Bahl and Arusha Nirvana stood first

Photography Quiz held at Carmel Convent School
23rd July, 2015
Ricky T George and Aditya Kapoor stood first

Science Quiz held at Carmel Convent School
24th July, 2015
Zoya Singh and Praniti Kapoor stood second
Ricky T George and Mihika Johari stood second

Story Telling Activity - Class 2
27th July, 2015

Guided Creative Writing Competition
May-July 2015

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Cognizance - Psychology Event at Carmel Convent School
22nd July, 2015

Vasant Valley School won the 2nd position
Team members: Shankar Salwan, Ishita Aggarwal, Sukhmani Singh, Noor Dhingra and Serena Nanda

Results of Shlok Vaachan Pratiyogita for Class 7
22nd July, 2015

1st - Aryaman Kapur and Kabir Rebello
2nd - Varun Vir Kharb
3rd - Mokshya Wadhwa

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Inter House Sub Junior Girls Softball Finals
22nd July, 2015

Green House beat Blue House
Best Player of the Tournament - Devaki Divan
Best Catcher of the Tournament - Ananya Roach

Inter House Boys Sub Junior Basketball Finals
22nd July, 2015

Red House beat Green House by 26-2
Best Player of the Tournament : Ransher Singh Manhas

Marketing Strategy Competition - Class 11 & 12
15th July, 2015

Mayank Sharma, Ricky T. George, Anantya Dube, Neel Mehdiratta and Armaan Narang
Arman Anand, Aditya Vikram, Esha Bhardwaj, Sukhmani Singh and Malika Oak

Hindi Kahani Lekhan Pratiyogita
20th July, 2015

Class 10
1st - Avrokin Raj
2nd - Pranavee Ahuja and Ananya Jain
3rd - Ananya Dalmia
Class 9
1st - Aditi Singh and Rabiya Gupta
2nd - Ashutosh Trivedi and Subiya Asad
3rd - Saniya siddhu and Prisha Kumar
1st - Asmita Shah and Shaurya Bhardwaj
2nd - Dhruv Rattan Nashier and Smitee S Oberoi
3rd - Chinmayee Shukla & Anandini Khanna
Class 7
1st - Srijit Koley
2nd - Anahit Bindra
3rd - Uday Dabas
Class 6
1st - Katyayani Jha
2nd - Sarah Eva Khosla and Arshiya Gaur
3rd - Sanaa Bedi & Anshumaan Singh

Nursery Monsoon
16th July, 2015

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हिन्दी - आज "ख़ानपान की बदलती तस्वीर" पाठ पर आधारित गतिविधि कक्षा 7 में "भोज महोत्सव" कराया गया जिसमें छात्राें ने भारत के विभिन्न शाकाहारी परम्परागत व्यंजनों पर प्रस्तुति की एवं उसे खाकर आनन्द भी उठाया ।

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Tennis Ladder
7th July, 2015

Bikramjeet Singh Chawla - Winner - Class 8
Shaurya Sood - Runner-Up - Class 8
Shyla Khattar - Winner - Class 6
Suhasini Takkar - Runner-Up - Class 8

Squash Ladder
7th July, 2015

Didar Joshua Joseph Rebello - Winner - Class 8
Kabir Mario Dominic Rebello - Runner-Up - Class 7
Naira Kothari - Winner - Class 8
Suhana Chopra - Runner-Up - Class 6

Sociology Movie Making Competition - Class 12
5th May, 2015

Aneesha Patnaik, Ananya Anand and Diya Verma
Devayani Singh, Nainika Mukherjee and Tanya Sharma

Kavita Vachan Pratiyogita - Class 5
12th May, 2015

Sara Khanna and Krishna Dev Agarwal
Daksayani Chadra, Ruhan Chopra, Gurmay Malvai and Gaurang Deka
Garvit Rana, Jia Mittal, Tanvir Sood, Inayat Passi and Devanshi Sawhney

CBSE National Gymnastics Championship
12th May, 2015

Vasant Valley Artistic Gymnastic teams, under 12 years, won the 3rd place and under the 15 years our team won 1st place in the CBSE National Gymnastic Competition 2015.
Vama borah was selected in Table Vault and Floor Exercise for 'Best Eight Round' and also secured the 6th place in 'All Round Best Eight' Gymnast

Team members:
Under 15 group
Anya Malhotra, Vama Borah, Meha Kapur and Neha Bisht
Under 12 year
Maryam Sultanaa Shaw, Aayana Kapur, Shivani Sharma and Arushi Silori

Ribbon Event for "Best Eight Round"
Samara Jind Mohan
Manya Malhotra
Ananya Roach

Inter House Dance Competition
24th July, 2015

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24th Vasant Valley School Drama Festival Student's Workshop
21st - 24th July, 2015

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Junior Class Activity
24th July, 2015

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Result of Shlok Vachaan Pratiyogita for Class 6
22nd July, 2015

1st - Katyayani Jha
2nd - Rohan Malhotra & Agastya Rattan Nashier
3rd - Mahika Dalmia

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कक्षा ८ अ के छात्रों ने 'कामचोर' पाठ पर आधारित नाटिका प्रस्तुत की।
22nd July, 2015

Inter House Football
22nd July, 2015

Red House Vs Green House - Red House won by penalty shoot out 4-2

Blue House Vs Yellow House - Blue House won by 5-0

Speed Math 2 Class 10
21st July, 2015

Winner : Akshat Bansal and Divij Chandna
Good Performance : Aanchal Mahajan, Shrey Baid and Aditya Kapur

Results of Shlok Vaachan Class 8
20th July, 2015

Darinee Chandok
Sehej Kaur and Shubham Kalantri
Armaana Chawla, Shaurya Bhardwaj and Dhruv Rattan Nashier

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Declamation in Social Science Class 4
17th July, 2015

Aaliyah Bose
Neel Mehta and Girdhar Chandok
Kabir Datta, Zubin Mehra, Ayra Monga, Anirudh Vats and Dishita Natu

Speed Math Results - Class 12
15th July, 2015

Students who have done well
Rishabh Periwal, Jai Krishna Prasad, Akarsh Hemrajani and Aadit Raj Gupta
Rishabh Chatterjee and Raghav Gupta

Class Activity - 12A
10th July, 2015

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Compassion in Action
6th July, 2015

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Grace Church School Exchange Programme
8th May, 2015

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CBSE Class 10 Results 2015

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17th Marc D'Souza Western Music Competition
15th May, 2015

1st - Red House
2nd - Blue house
3rd - Yellow House

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U-12 Lt. Col. E. R. Tullet Cricket Tournament
11th May, 2015

Samanvay Singh Chauhan has been adjudged the Best Bowler of the tournament hosted by The Frank Anthony Public School

Science Show and Tell Keynote Presentation on Rocks and Minerals- Class 5
13th May, 2015

Udhay Aman Chopra, Shaan Kanwar, Jia Mittal, Rohan Pahwa, Kian K Nagpal, Inaayat Passi, Ruhan Chopra and Shiv Bhandari
Dhruv Singh, Nayra Kohli, Advaita Sehgal, Gaurang Deka, Devanshi Sawhney, Jai Mittal, Fateh S Suri and Mehek Anand

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