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Ebooks Authored by Children of Class I

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Junior School Reading List - 2016

Senior School Reading List - 2016

Junior Library
New Arrivals
25th July, 2016

1. An Eagle in the Snow / Michael Morpurgo
2. The Second Jungle Book / Rudyard Kipling
3. Uncle Leo's Adventures in the Sahara Forests / Yannets Levi
4. The 52-Storey Treehouse / Andy Griffiths
5. All Four Stars / Tara Dairman
6. The Boy Who Lost Fairyland / Catherynne M Valente
7. Ship's Cat Doris / Jane Simmons
8. Football Star Power / Demon Dribbler
9. A Midsummer Night's Dream / Retold by Marcia Williams
10. Jamie Johnson - Shoot to Win / Dan Freedman
11. Mangoes & Bananas / Nathan Kumar Scott
12. Little Kangaroo / Guido Van Genechten
13. This is how it happened – Tales from Indian History / Nandini Nayar
14. Handa's Surprising Day / Eileen Browne
15. Bookasura / Arundhati Venkatesh
16. मशहूर मुस्कान / गीता धर्मराजन
17. तेनाली राम और स्वप्न महल
18. क्रिकेट
19. नाचती मधुमक्खियाँ / रंजीत लाल
20. अकबर-बीरबल - बादशाह की अंगूठी

Senior Library
New Arrivals
25th July, 2016

1. The Gene / Siddhartha Mukherjee
2. The Ancestor's Tale / Richard Dawkins
3. The Rise and Fall of Nations / Ruchir Sharma
4. Who Rules the World / Naom Chomsky
5. The Trials of Apollo ; The Hidden Oracle / Rick Riordan
6. Six machine / Chris Gayle
7. Alfred Kropp;The Thirteenth Skull / Rick Yancey
8. Feasts and Fasts ; A History of Food in India / Colleen Taylor Sen
9. War by Other Means / Blackwill Harris
10. The Great Derangement / Amitav Ghosh
11. My Olympic Journey / Digvijay Singh Deo
12. A Prince in Exile ; The Illustrated Ramayana
13. The Complete Indian Sports Quiz Book

Junior School Spelling Lists

Class II || Class III

Class IV || Class V

Junior School Website Links

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Passing Certificates of CBSE Class 12 2016 can be collected from the school office by the students/parents on any working day between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.
21st July, 2016

The Evening Programme at Vasant Valley School

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Multimedia Contest 2016
To be held on 2nd September, 2016

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Rules and Regulations


Inter-House Science Quiz for Classes 11 and 12
22nd July, 2016

Blue House Won
Team members
Kanish Chandrashekhar, Sara Singh, Ujaan Ganguly and Yash Garde

Vasant Valley School won the 3rd place in Iridescence, a competition based on a Psychological theme at Carmel Convent
20th July, 2016

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Speed Math 5
19th July, 2016

Class 6
Veeraj Puri
Done Well
Saarthak Khosla, Ruhan Chopra, Ishan Kapur, Advaita Sehagl and Kian Nagpal

Class 7
Kavyini Garodia
Done well
Katyayini Jha

Class 10
Amay Gupta
Done well
Ishaan Khanna and Manveer Singh

Junior School Class Act
15th July, 2016

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आज विद्यालय में कक्षा १० एवं १२ के छात्रों ने प्रसिद्ध कवि , लेखक एवं शायर फरहत शहज़ाद
से एक मुलाक़ात और बातचीत की । उसकी कुछ झलकियाँ ..........
14th July, 2016

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Hindi Sulekh Competition for Class 4
11th July, 2016

1st - Miheeka Bagla
2nd - Nikasha Manaktala, Srishti, Ayesha Chandra Thakur and Prisha Singhal
3rd - Saiesha Mishra, Nandini Parvinder Singh and Aanya Sooda

Class 4 Hindi Story Writing Competition
9th May, 2016

Kartik Sharma and Aanya Sooda
Asmara Dang and Uday Azaravata
Ayesha Chandra Thakur, Sahima Mittal, Aarush Kapur and Miheeka Bagla

Story writing Competition in Hindi Class 5
3rd May, 2016

Samaara Bhardwaj, Shylla Seth and Anirudh Vats
Saanya Anand, Shubhkarman Sandhu and Shreyasi Jindal
Prithvi Rajan Khanna and Dwij Dawar

Poetry Writing Competition - Social Science Class 4
9th May, 2016

Ishrat Jhingan and Miheeka Bagla
Aaryaveer Khoda, Mannat Sikka and Asmara Dang
Uday Azaravata and Zehn Kashyap

Results of Squash and Badminton Ladder
10th May, 2016

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Class 3 Celebrates Dilli Diwas
9th May, 2016

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Economics Symposium - 'The Indian Drought- A natural calamity?'
9th May, 2016

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Toowoomba Grammar (Australia)- Vasant Valley Collaborative Learning Effort
9th May, 2016

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Map Quest Results
9th May, 2016

Class 6 - Advait Sehgal
Class 7 - Arshya Gaur and Devaditya Tomar
Class 8 - Kartik Vaish
Class 9 - Shubham Kalantri
Class 10 - Naina Puri
Class 11 - Aditya Kapur
Class 12 - Digjai Rawat

Just A Minute - Class 5
6th May, 2016

Girdhar Chandok and Sana Mehra
Aayana Kapur
Neel Mehta and Varenya Shrikhande

Looking after the Vegetables we grow on the Junior Science Lab Terrace
6th May, 2016

Results of Hindi Kavita Vachan Pratiyogita Class 10
6th May, 2016

Aditi Singh
Rabiya Gupta and Saniya Sidhu
Kabeer Singh

Results of Hindi Kavita Lekhan Pratiyogita Class 10
6th May, 2016

Nayana puri
Aashutosh Trivedi
Aditi Singh and Ananya Mehta

Speed Math 4 - Class 8
4th May, 2016

Madhav Puri and Vedika Baghla

Good Performance
Armaan Gandhi, Siddhant Gandhi, RIshnav Thadani, Prithvi Oak and Advait Iyer

Junior School Inter House Gymnastics Competition 2016
4th May, 2016
Team championship

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3rd Nirmal Bhartia Interschool Mini Soccer Tournament
4th May, 2016

Vasant Valley School won the finals aginst DPS, Dwarka 7-3
Arhaan Saha scored maximum number of goals in the tournament

Team members:
Arhaan Saha, Aryan Kapur, Vir Dang, Darsh Puri, Anivartin Daga, Jaiveer Sharan, Rayan Kidwai, Kabir Bahl, Aveer Pahwa, Ruveer Vohra, Ruhan Kumar and Advitya Singh

Speed Math 4 - Class 9
4th May, 2016

Saiesha Gupta, Rohil Bahl and Yuvraj . S. Mamik

Students who have done well
Bhavya Mitra, Panshul Singh, Shaurya Bhardwaj and Shubham Kalantri

Section Spelling Bee for classes 6th to 8th
July 2016

Class 6
Anandini Tayal
Class 7
Vijit Mann
Class 8
Raag Setia

Vasant Valley School Village Interaction
Since 29th April, 2016

Vasant Valley School is partnering with the Government School, Jhanjraula, Haryana to give students in both schools an opportunity to experience each other's daily environment.

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Food Collage Results - Class 4
July 2016

Mannat Sikka and Uday Azaravata
Gia beri and Taarah Chandiok
Vaani Chopra and Kabir Grover Iversen
Nikasha Manaktala and Arjun Anand
Gaurav Kumar and Sahima Mittal
Kaasvee Kaur, Samaira Chhabra and Zinnat Kohli
Rahul Kumar and Mira Jaya bedi
Aarush Kapur and Nirbaan Singh Gill
Prisha Singhal and Arnav Rout
Arsh Chauhan and Shobhit Chowdhury
Aveer Singh Pahwa and Ayaan Dhingra
Minakshi Chauhan and Saiesha Mishra
Avni Prashar and Sanya Lakhanpal
Kabir Bahl and Aditri Jain

25th Vasant Valley School Drama Festival Student's Workshop
19th - 21st July, 2016

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Declamation Class 4 (Social Science)
22nd July, 2016

Kaasvee Kaur and Aarush Kapur
Asmara Dang, Aveer Pahwa and Mannat Kukreja
Jai Kalra, Zinnat Kohli, Harchet Singh Majithia, Avni Prashar, Vaani Chopra and Aaryaveer Khoda

Science Essay writing Competition for Classes 9 and 10
21st July, 2016

Rabiya Gupta
Aryan Sadh
Advaya Gulati and Rohil Bahl

Class 11 & 12 - Marketing Strategy Competition
13th July, 2016

Neharika Binani, Nikita Agarwal, Srishti Dewan, and Palak Jayaswal
Gaurika Bhardwaj, Samriddhi Hooda, Ishita Malhotra and Ashna Sethi

Class 7 Speed Math - 4
13th July, 2016

Students who have done well
Aarush Shah and Arshya Gaur
Katyayani Jha

Katyayani Jha of 7C won the National prize for the Intach Clean Monument poster making competition
December, 2015

Students from classes 10, 11 and 12 participated in an event called Compassion in Action - the legacy of Mahatama Gandhi and His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama at Allaince Francaise, Lodhi Road, organised by ENVISION
8th July, 2016

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Technology Fest
May, 2016

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9th Lt. E R. Tullett Memorial Inter School Cricket Tournament at Frank Anthony Public School
12th May, 2016

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Sulekh Lekhan Pratiyogita - Class 5
10th May, 2016

Saanya Anand, Aananda L. Chopra and Kashvi Rahul
Dishita Natu and Varenya Shrikhande
Neel Mehra, Pichamon Sawetuswan, Lavanya Agarwal and Darsh Puri

Class Act - 9A
9th May, 2016

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Results Asia Quiz Class 5
10th May, 2016

Girdhar Chandok
Siddharth Chandra Sharma
Siddharth Varma

संस्कृत श्लोक वाचन प्रतियोगिता कक्षा ९
१० मई, २०१६

Darini Chandok
Amaya V Arora
Armana Chawla, Bhavya Mitra and Tanvi Bahl

Standard Test Results 2016
11th May, 2016

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U-19 Cricket team participated in the BCS Cricket Tournament
10th May, 2016

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Class 3B History of Delhi timeline of the different cities that came up around Delhi under different rulers
9th May, 2016

Juior School - Maths Quiz Results
9th May, 2016

Class 3
Inika Gaur Tirath, Mohammad Misbah Karimi and Kaavya Mukherjee Saha
Class 4
Uday Azarvata
Class 5
Ruhan Kumar, Jaiveer Saran and Kashvi Rahul

Nursery Splash Party
9th May, 2016

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Speed Math 4 - Class 6
6th May, 2016

Ruhan Chopra
Done well
Rohan Pahwa

Eposters - Celebrating 160 years of Sigmund Freud
6th May, 2016

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Fortis Hospital - Media Literacy Workshop
5th May, 2016

Samridhi Hooda, Shrey Baid and Sachin Babu attended an informative workshop on Media Literacy at the Escorts Fortis Hospital

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