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Happy News Reading

Ebooks Authored by Children of Class I

VVS Reads

Junior School Reading List - 2017

Senior School Reading List - 2017

Junior Library
New Arrivals
24th April, 2017

1. Voyagers – Escape the Vortex / Jeanne DuPrau 2. A Season of Gifts / Richard Peck
3. The Fox and the Ghost King / Michael Morpugo
4. Sweet Peas and Honey Bees - The Friendship Garden / Jenny Meyerhoff
5. Unicorn Magic – The Hidden Treasure / Jessica Burkhart
6. Lucky Girl /Shabnam Minwalla
7. Muggie Maggie / Beverly Cleary
8. Raja Raja and the Swapped Sacks / Natasha Sharma
9. Robozonic –Squirrel Away! / Caline Tan
10. Mercy Watson fights Crime / Kate DiCamillo
11. Dilly and the Birthday Treat / Tony Bradman
12. Jungle Animals
13. Soldier
14. Close Encounters of the Nerd Kind/ Jeff Miller
15. Flamingo in my Garden / Deepak Dalal
16. बिहार की लोक कथाएँ
17. अनमोल सलाह
18. खट्टे अंगूर
19. झूठ का फल
20. लकड़हारा और जलपरी

Senior Library
New Arrivals
8th May, 2017

1. One Crazy Summer / Rita Williams-Garcia
2. Word of Mouse / James Patterson
3. Twice Upon a Time / James Riley
4. The Ascension / Michael Carroll
5. Fever 1793 / Laurie Halse Anderson
6. Tall Story / Candy Gourlay
7. Flora and Ulysses / Kate DiCamillo
8. Things to Leave Behind / Namita Gokhale
9. The Gita for Children / Roopa Pai
10. Kohinoor / William Dalrymple & Anita Anand
11. 13 Reasons Why / Jay Asher
12. Hero Ins; Powerful Indian Women of Myth and History / Ira Mukhoty

Junior School Web Links

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Junior School Spelling Lists

Class 3

Class 4

Class 5

Class 12 CBSE All India Senior Secondary Examination Certificates
14th June, 2017

The CBSE Class 12 Certificates for the All India Senior Secondary Examination are now available in the school office. Students can collect them on any working day between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.

Class XI Admissions - 2017

Students should have scored an average of at least 85% or have a Cumulative Grade Point Average of 9.0 or above in the class X Assessments in the following subjects – English, Second Language, Mathematics, Science and Social Science to be eligible for taking the entrance test for admission to Class XI.

Click here for details of time line for the admission process

The online registration form was available online till 12:00 noon - 7th June, 2017

Click here to view the list of students who took the Admission Test held on 6th, 7th and 8th June (10:30 am to 1:30 pm)

Click here to view the list of students shortlisted for an interaction with the Admission Committee on Friday, 9th June, 2017

Click here to view the list of students whose parents are required to meet the Admission Committee on Saturday, 10th June, 2017

CBSE Class X Results

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CBSE Class XII Results

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Vasant Valley's Inter-School Multimedia Contest

Click here to view the e-invite

Click here to view the Rules and Regulations for the Multimedia Contest 2017

Click here for the Registration for Multimedia Contest 2017


Disclaimer: Admission will be subject to final orders of the Hon'ble Delhi High Court

Click here for details of seats available, criteria for awarding points and time line for the admission process

Click here to view the schedule for verification of original documents Registration Numbers 1 - 3165

Click here to view the list of all applicants to Pre-School (Foundation)

Click here to view the first list of students shortlisted for admission to Pre-School (Foundation) 2017

Click here to view the wait list of students for admission to Pre-School (Foundation) 2017

Click here to view the second list of students for admission to Pre-School (Foundation) 2017

The Evening Programme at Vasant Valley School

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Junior School Chess Tournament 2017 Classes 3-5
16th May, 2017

Aarush Kapur 5B
Vedant Binani 3b
Veyom Bhardwaj 3a

Children who have done well
Aveer Singh Pahwa 5c
Aryaman Kumar 5c
Ayesha Chandra Thakur 5b
Samarth Khosla 4a
Prisha Singhal 5a
Suveer Krishna Passi 4b
Ayaan Dhingra 5b
Saara Mehta 5a
Uday Azarvata 5b
Anaya Goel 4a
Asmara Dang 5a

Speed Maths Class 3-5
May 2017

Class 3
Zoya Trehan Sahni, Shadab Khan, Ayaan Khemka, Maya Rose Chopra and Kushaan Kochar
Class 4
Kaavya Malik
Class 5
Miheeka Bagla and Savya Meattle

Inter House Book Quiz - Classes 8 & 9
9th May 2017

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Junior School Class Act
24th April, 2017

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Meet The Author - Class 3 and 4
3rd May, 2017

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Speed Mathsfor Class 10
29th April, 2017

Shubham Kalantri and Rohil Bahl
Done well
Asmita Shah and Panshul Singh

Map Quest Results Classes 4 and 5
24th April, 2017

Advika Choudhary
Advitya Singh
Kaasvee Kaur, Varsha, Aanya Sooda, Aryaman Kumar, Sahima Mittal, Nirvaan Manaktala and Ayesha Chandra Thakur

Results Map Quest
23rd April, 2017

Class 6 Darsh Puri
Class7 Jehan Vir
Class8 Joy Ghatak
Class9 Shreepriya Jindal
Class10 Shiv Mehta
Class11 Shiv Singh Juneja and Veeraj Jindal
Class12 Abhishek Pathak

Kavita Vaachan Goshthi for Class 3 and Kavita Vaachan Pratiyogita for Classes 4 and 5
18th April, 2017

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Vasant Valley's Rhythmic Gymnastics Team won the Pathways Invitational Inter School Rhythmic Gymnastics Competition
10th April, 2017

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English Poetry Recitation Competition - Class 4
12th April, 2017

Sahira Sarin
Amyra Puri, Kaavya Mukherjee Saha, Reanna Singh and Ishaan Puri
Inika Gaur, Janya Kathuria and Shivantika Swarup

Standard Test Results
13th April, 2017

Junior School

Senior School

Meet the Author Classes 4 and 5
11th April, 2017

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Class 8 Girls Inter House Softball Competition
11th April, 2017

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'My Time Line' - Class 6
10th April, 2017

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Class 10-12 children are participating in IParliament being held in Jawahar Bhawan, New Delhi, from the
6th to the 9th of April, 2017.

Hindi Loud Reading Class 5
30th March, 2017

Asmara Dang
Prisha Singhal, Aarush Kapur and Ranvir Singh Sandhar
Kyra Dhar, Kaasvee Kaur, Ayesha Chandra Thakur, Diksha Sen and Aveer Singh Pahwa

Social Science Symposium
31st March, 2017

'Electoral Reforms are Essential for a Clean Economy'.

The key speakers were Dr S.Y.Quershi ,former Chief Election Commissioner of India and Mr Swapan Dsgupta ,noted journalist and Member of Parliament.
The audience comprised of about 60 students from 10 schools and Class12 students of Vasant Valley. Both the speakers highlighted the need for electoral reforms and put forward numerous suggestions and they engaged in a lively interaction with students as well.

Class 5 Visit to the Humayun's Tomb with Bessie
29th March, 2017

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Hindi Loud Reading Class 4
29th March, 2017

Ridhima, Ritika and Priyanshi Sapra
Aditya, Udai Relan, Vijay Karan Mehta and Kaavya Mukherjee Saha
Ishan Puri, Kavya Malik Venugopal and Tvisha

Hindi Loud Reading Class 3
28th March, 2017

Students who made it to the final round
Joshua George Katheth, Mohammad Khan, Ruhin Matin, Sanjana, Ariv Nagar, Gayatri Malik, Aisha Mohiuddin, Anahat Dhami, Nina Nambiar, Maya Rose Chopra ,Muskan Gupta, Arhaan Passi, Ailina Karin Sarna, Shirin Sultana Shaw, Sheana Guliani, Sumer Dharma, Udit Seth, Suvir Gupta, Veda Kalaan and Veda Kalra

Speed Math - Classes 3 - 5
March, 2017

Class 3
Mohammad Shadab Khan
Class 4
Kavya Malik
Class 5
Aarush Kapur, Kabir Bahl, Miheeka Bagla and Prithvi Mehra Sahni

Jai Relan's Presentation on Rocks and Minerals
28th March, 2017

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Inter House Book Quiz Classes 6 & 7
27th March, 2017

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Marketing Case Study Competition
17th March, 2017

Arsh Prakash, Ipsha Raj, Ishita Chadha and Pranavi Ahuja
Aman Datta, Nakul Tuli, Rishabh Suri and Uday Sahni


Travelouge 2017

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VVS U-11 Cricket Team became the runners up in the Lt. Col. E.R. Tullet Memorial Cricket Tournament 2017
16th May, 2017

Batting first VVS scored 88 runs in 15 overs and lost the final match in the last over with two balls remaining. Mohak Kumar scored 36 runs in the final while Krish Jain took two wickets for 9 runs. Prithvi Rajan Khanna of VVS was awarded the Best Batsman and Neel Mehta of the same side was adjudged the Best Bowler of the Tournament.

An Interactin with Anita Nair
9th May, 2017

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Inter House Maths Quiz - Class 7
11th May 2017

Blue House Won
Saarthak Khosla, Mehek Anand, Ishan Kapur, Arnav Goel and Inaaya Gulati

Kavita Vaachan Activity for Class 9
5th May 2017

Uday Dabbas
Vedika Bagla and Shrijeet Kolley
Rishi Raj Mishra

Class 5 - Just a Minute Activity
4th May, 2017

Kabir Bahl and Sahima Mittal
Asmara Dang and Aaryaveer Khoda
Aryaman Kumar and Aveer Singh Pahwa

English Poetry Writing Results
April 2017

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Class 7 Softball Inter House Competition
20th April, 2017

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My Solar System - Class 6 A
28th April, 2017

Presentation 1

Presentation 2

Meet the Author - Ms Namita Gokhale Classes 5 & 6
26th April, 2017

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Class 7 Softball Inter House Competition
20th April, 2017

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Aliesha Talwar and Mishti Sachdeva participated in a Computer Festival organised by Very Special Arts India, Vasant Kunj
21st April, 2017

Aliesha Talwar stood 1st in the Junior 1 category and Mishti Sachdeva came 2nd in this category

Inter House Math Quiz for Class 6
20th April, 2017

Blue House Won
Darsh Puri, Sumaya Beri, Smit Bachan and Anant Veer Bagrodia

Inter House Math Quiz Class 8
18th April, 2017

Blue House Won
Anshuman Singh, Ansh Mehta, Katyayani Jha and Kavyini Garodia

Vasant Valley Girls Soccer Team won the Doon 7's Cup Football Tournament
4th - 6th April, 2017

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Vasant Valley School Village Interaction
Since 29th April, 2016

Vasant Valley School is partnering with the Government School, Jhanjraula, Haryana to give students in both schools an opportunity to experience each other's daily environment.

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Psychology Case Study Competition
10th April, 2017

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World Mental Health Day
7th April,2017

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Class 8 Visit the Rashtrapati Bhavan
7th April, 2017

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Speed Math 3 Class 9
7th April, 2017

Rishnav Thadani
Well Done
Siddhant Gandhi, Prithvi Oak and Advait Iyer

Recitation Class 5
6th April, 2017

Asmara Dang, Kabir Bahl and Kaasvee Kaur
Aarav Rampal
Ruveer Vohra and Zinnat Kohli

Class 6 Visit Sultanghari
5th April, 2017

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Yamuna Yatra 2017
24th March - 4th April, 2017

click here to view some pictures of the Yatris

Foundation Orientation
3rd April, 2017

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Bessie's Sojourn in Vasant Valley School
20th March 2017 to 3rd April 2017

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Dance Performance by Kazakh Dancers
31st March, 2017

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Class 8 Inter House Cricket Tournament
30th March, 2017

Blue House won by 5 wickets against Yellow House in the finals

Player of the Tournament:- Ansh Mehta (Scored 70 runs and took 2 Wickets)
Best Scorer of the Tournament:- Prithvi Mehta (Scored 80 Runs)
Best Bowler of the Tournament:- Yashohari Dalmia (Took 3 Wickets)

Class Activity - 6C
28th March, 2017

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Survey done by Sociology and Geography Students of Class 12 at 'Jhanjhrola' Village in Haryana
27th March, 2017

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Class 7 Visits Sanjay Van
23rd March, 2017

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Bharatnatyam Performance
17th March, 2017

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Adventure Camps 2017

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