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New Arrivals
27th October, 2014

1. One Day / David Nicholls
2. The Twentieth Wife/ Indu Sundaresan
3. Jack And Master/ Karan Verma
4. The Family Corleone / Ed Falco
5. A Universe from Nothing; Why There is Something Rather Than Nothing / Lawrence M. Krauss
6. India ; A Sacred Geography / Diana L. Eck
7. iCon; Steve Jobs; The Greatest Second Act in the History of Business/ Jeffrey S. Young
8. Contructions; Making Sese of Things/Michael Frayn
9. Carnival; Short Stories
10. The Dark is Rising / Susan Cooper
11. The Silence of the Lambs / Thomas Harris
12. Heartbreak Hotel / Deborah Moggach
13. Awakening the Entrepreneur Within / Michael E. Gerber

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The school will be closed on Wednesday, 29th October, 2014, on account of Chhath Puja.

Passing Certificates, Mark sheets and Migration Certificates for the CBSE Class 12 Examinations 2014 are ready and can be collected from the school office by the students or their parents on any working day between 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

The Evening Programme at Vasant Valley School

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Speed Math round 8 results:
30th October, 2014

Class 7
Winner : Dhruv Rattan Nashier
Students who have done well: Arusha Nirvan, Asmita

26th Bro.O 'Brien Memorial Tennis Tournament
21st October, 2014

Vasant Valley won the tournament
Team members
Angad Singh, Shaurya Sood, Shaurya Vardhan and Prithvi Singh

Diwali Assembly and Class 3 Diwali Celebrations
21st October, 2014

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Junior School Inter House Basket Ball Tournament
21st October, 2014

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Result Maths Quiz
21st October, 2014

Class 3
Darsh Puri, Neel Mehta, Siddharth C Sharma and Chaitanya Sharma
Class 4
Rohan Singh Pahwa and Jai Mittal
Class 5
Aarush Shah, Ansh Mehta and Agastyaa Gupta

Results of Hindi Vaad Vivaad Pratiyogita for Class 10
20th October, 2014

1st - Prashasya Lochan
2nd - Kamya Yadav
3rd - Mehr Mehta

Results of Hindi Patra Lekhan (email) for Class 10
20th Otober, 2014

1st - Ayaan Kashyap
2nd - Prashasya Lochan and Nikita Dhawan
3rd - Yash Garde and Diya Narag

Life Skills
17th October, 2014

A few officers from the Indian Navy addressed students of Classes 11 and 12 for the Life Skills Programme. They apprised the students about the structure, role and life in the Navy

Results of the Social Studies Essay Writing Competition Class 4
20th October, 2014

The Destruction Of The World's Forests Is Happening As Our Need For Land And Food Is Growing

1st - Taanvir Sood
2nd - Gabiya Nayar and Jehan Vir Singh Bhandal
3rd - Advaita Sehgal, Shaan Kanwar and Inayaa Gulati

Results of Hindi Tatkalik Pratiyogita Class 10
17th October, 2014

1st - Nikita Agarwal and Nikita Dhawan
2nd - Kamya Yadav
3rd - Sanjari Kalantari, Lovina Vasudeva and Yash Garde

Junior Class Act
17th October, 2014

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दीप जलाओ , वृक्ष उगाओ ।
स्वच्छ व सुरक्षित दीवाली मनाओ।
15th October, 2014

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Results of Financial Quiz
16th October, 2014

Class 12
1st Prize - Akshita Jain and Aananya Banaik
2nd Prize - Avneet Sinha and Dhruv Murada

Class 11
1st Prize - Arman Anand
2nd Prize - Shivank Sehgal
3rd Prize - Paras Marya and Aaradhan Satsangi

Foundation Water Play
14th October, 2014

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Vasant Valley Boys won the Sanskriti Inter School Football Tournament
1st October, 2014

Vasant Valley boys beat Mothers International School in the crucial final match by 4-2
Ransher Singh was declared Player Of The Tournament

Workshop on Postural Control : Merging Sensory Strategies in Neuro Developmental Treatment was held at Vasant Valley School
4th - 5th October, 2014

The workshop leaders were Gail Ritchie,OTR/L , C/NDT and Brenda Lindsay, PT,C/NDT

Junior School Class Act
31st October, 2014

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Spic Macay
30th October, 2014

A dance form called Ottam thullal was performed and watched by Classes 4 - 7. It is an art form from Kerala. It is accompanied with a mridangam or an idakka (drum and cymbal). It involves heavy make up and costumes.

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Diwali Saplings
21st October, 2014

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Spell Bee
20th October, 2014

Class 5
Spell Bee - Vijit Mann
1st Runner up - Agastya Rattan
2nd Runner up- Sabeer Bhullar and Ishaan Wahi
Class 4
1st - Advaita Sehgal
2nd - Jia Mittal
3rd - Ruhan Chopra
Class 3
1st - Vishwadeep Singh
2nd - Varenya Shrikhande
3rd - Sriya Gupta

Showcase Social Science II
17th October, 2014

The students of Classes 11 and 12 put up stalls related to their subject. This was followed by an Ad Act, an Economics presentation and an interactive quiz for the parents

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Results of Sub Junior Inter House Softball Tournament for Girls
17th October, 2014

Red House beat Yellow House
Best Player : Ananya Nair
Best Batsman : Kathleen Ireland
Best Catcher : Harnoor Singh

Results of Social Science Individual Quiz Class 5
17th October, 2014

1st - Aditya Garg
2nd - Sabeer Bhullar
3rd - Sairah Mamik

The Vasant Valley Mini Boys Football Team won the MSVV Inter School Football Tournament
15th October, 2014

कक्षा सप्तम छात्रानाम् रचना
“संस्कृतस्य पुस्तकानाम् मुखपृष्ठम्”
13th October, 2014

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Frank Anthony Inter School Basketball Tournament
10th October, 2014

Vasant Valley School Senior Boys team won the 2nd place in the tournament


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