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"Raising the Bar" for our children’s cerebral, physical, spiritual, social and emotional development.

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Happy News Reading

Ebooks Authored by Children of Class I

VVS Reads

Junior School Reading List - 2017

Senior School Reading List - 2017

Junior Library
New Arrivals
12th February, 2018

1. Growing up in Pandupur, Adithi and Chatura Rao
2. The Guggenheim Mystery, Robin Stevens
3. Mayor Hubble Is in Trouble, Dan Gutman
4. The Secret Mermaid- Reef Rescue, Sue Mongredien
5. Seahorse Stars- The Rainbow Queen, Zuzu Singer
6. Moongphali, Neha Singh, Mukesh Chhabra
7. Tooth and Nail, Fur and Scale, Anupam Arunachalam
8. Football School -Season 1 Where Football Rules the World, Alex Bellos and Ben Lyttleton
9. Secret Of The Oracle - An Ancient Greek Mystery, Aviour Pirotta
10. Against All Odds, Ramendra Kumar
11. Dragon Rider, Cornelia Funke
12. The Hill School Girls Secret, A Coven
13. Ramu's Ride, Karishma
14. Spark's Bark, Karishma
15. The Birthday Party, Ellen Crini Trent
16. My First Day at school, Ellen Crimi Trent
17. Jeet gayi Anu, Tomas Nolet
18. Chuhay Ney Dakhi Duniya, Kunti Ramdatt Balkaran
19. Milly The Meerkat, Oakley
20. Rudey's Windy Christmas, Helen Baugh and Ben Mantle
21. Thumbelina
22. Amelia Bedelia's- First Valentine, Herman Parish

Senior Library
New Arrivals
5th March, 2018

1. Why Comics ? From Underground to Everywhere / Hillary Chute
2. The Wisdom of Sundays / Oprah Winfrey
3. How India Lost Her Freedom / Pandit Sunderlal
4. Red Queen / Victoria Aveyard
5. Renegades / Marissa Meyer
6. Metaphors be with You / Dr Mardy Grothe
7. Lost for Words / Stephanie Butland
8. A Black Fox Running / Brian Carter
9. Middle School; Laugh Out Loud / James Patterson
10. Order of Darkness; Dark Tracks / Philippa Gregory
11. The Billion Dollar Spy / David E Hoffman
12. Battle for Rome / Ian Ross

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Junior School Spelling Lists

Class 2

Class 3

Class 4

Class 5


As per the Admission Schedule given by the Department of Education in its Circular No. F.DE.15(172)/PSB/2016/21112, dated 19/12/2017,

Online Applications forms will be available from Wednesday, the 27th of December, 2017

Click here  for details of seats available, criteria for awarding points and time line for the admission process

Click here to view the schedule for verification of original documents Registration Numbers 1 - 1524

Click here to view the schedule for verification of original documents Registration Numbers 1525 - 2400

Click here to view the schedule for verification of original documents Registration Numbers 2401 - 3556

Click here to view the schedule for verification of original documents for the remaining applicants

Click here to view the details of children who applied to the school for admission under open general seats

Click here to view the details of children with marks who applied to the school for admission under open general seats

Click here to view the list of selected children (First List) and waiting list

Schedule for Practical Examinations Class XII - 2018

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Schedule for Practice Tests for Classes X and XII

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The Evening Programme at Vasant Valley School

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Visit to Hero Moto Corp Plant in Gurgaon
7th March, 2018

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Speed Maths 2
February, 2018

Highest scorers

Class 3
Anant Agarwal
Anhad Kashyap
Samarth Meatle

Class 4
Ayaan Ismail Adib
Ayaan Khemka
Abeer Datta

Class 5
Udai Relan
Kavya Malik

Class 6
Jai kalra
Done well
Ranvir Sandhar, Savya Meattle and Kyra Dhar

Class 7
Darsh Puri, Anirudh Vats, Shubhkarman Sandhu, Saisha Aggarwal, Sumaya Beri, Raghav Kajaria, Siddharth Chandra Sharma and Anivartin Daga
Done well
Zubin Mehra, Lavanya Aggarwal and Ruhan Kumar

Class 8
Udhay Aman Chopra
Done well
Ambika Saklani, Shyla Upadhyay, Taanvir Sood, Devanshii Sawhney and Saarthak Khosla

Class 9
Ansh Mehta
Done well
Kavyini Garodia and Aarush Shah

Loud Reading Competition Class 4
1st March, 2018

Arhaan Babar Ray
Shirin Sultana Shaw and Vivaan Khatter
Arhaan Passi and Veda Kalra

Map Quest on Faiths and Festivals Class 4 and 5
7th March, 2018

Inika Gour Tirath, Taneya Sardar, Saumyaa Todi,Nirvaan Manaktala,Anika Shringi and Nylah Dhawan
Vijay Karan Mehta and Leela Menon
Aditya, Kavya Malik Venugopal, Ritika, Stuti Bachan, Kabir Gupta, Divyanshi Bisht, Mohak Kumar, Samaira Bhalla and Shivkaran Singh

Hindi Showcase
1st March, 2018

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Mathematics Speed Test Class 10
5th March, 2018

Rishnav Thadani
Done well
Advait Iyer

Junior School Class Act
1st March, 2018

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Speed Math 3 for Class 12
8th March, 2018

Veeraj Jindal
Done well
Aditya Venkatraman and Zubin Soomar

Class V Visit to Asola Wildlife Santuary
7th March, 2018

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Class 4 Visit to Sanjay Van
6th March, 2018

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Inter House Social Science Debate
8th March, 2018

Yellow House team, consisting of Advait Iyer and Anvait Sinha, was judged the best team and Saniya Sidhu was awarded the most promising speaker

Kavita Vaachan Pratiyogita for Class 9
7th March, 2018

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Class V Visit to Humayun’s Tomb
6th March, 2018

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Results of Vigyapan Nirman Pratiyogita for Class 7
6th March, 2018

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Kulosaari Secondary School, Helsinki Visit Vasant Valley School
28th February, 2018

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English Elocution Competition and English Impromptu Competition
1st March, 2018

Elocution - Classes 6 to 8
Class 6

1st - Kabir Bahl
2nd - Kasvee Kaur and Aarush Kapur
3rd - Devangana Jain and Kyra Dhar
Class 7
1st - Anirudh Vats
2nd - Neel Mehta and Sara Jaykumar
3rd - Kabir Datta
Class 8
1st - Jai Mittal
2nd - Advaita Sehgal
3rd - Aryan Agarwal

Turncoat - Classes 9, 10 and 12
Class 9

1st - Praniti Jain
2nd - Mahika Dalmia
3rd - Katyayni Jha
Class 10
1st - Vedika Bagla
2nd - Advait Iyer
3rd - Ananya Rani Malhotra & Rishnav Thadani
Class 12
1st - Aryan Sadh
2nd - Mahin Bhardwaj and Advait Sinha
3rd - Nayna Puri

Results of the Loud Reading Activity Class 5
1st March, 2018

Janya Kathuria, Priyanshi Sapra and Kaavya Mukherjee Saha
Samaira Bhalla, Shivantika Swarup, Ritika and Ishan Puri
Kabir Gupta and Vijay Karan Mehta

Vasant Valley School Village Interaction
Since 29th April, 2016

Vasant Valley School is partnering with the Government School, Jhanjraula, Haryana to give students in both schools an opportunity to experience each other's daily environment.

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