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"Raising the Bar" for our children’s cerebral, physical, spiritual, social and emotional development.

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Happy News Reading

Ebooks Authored by Children of Class I

VVS Reads

Junior School Reading List - 2014

Senior School Reading List - 2014

Senior Library
New Arrivals
2nd March, 2015

1. Just One Day / Gayle Forman
2. The Lunar Chronicles / Marissa Meyer
3. Rumi's Four Essential Practices / Will Johnson
4. Who's In Charge ? / Michael S. Gazzaniga
5. Memories, Dreams Reflections / C G Jung
6. Interpreting Dreams / Sigmund Freud
7. The Golden Day / Ursula Dubosarsky
8. Playing Big / Tara Mohr
9. Lean In ; For Graduates / Sheryl Sandberg
10. A Parliament of Spies / Cassandra Clark
11. Roses Are Red / James Patterson
12. 5 Minds for the Future / Howard Gardner
13. Short Stories by Franz Kafka

Junior School Spelling Lists

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CBSE Class 12 Admit Cards

Admit Cards for the CBSE Class 12 Examinations are ready and can be collected from the school office by the students on any working day between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Please check with the school office about any books that need to be returned to the Library before making a trip to school.

CBSE Class 12 Date Sheet

Total Seats available for admission to Pre-School (Foundation): 90

(i) 25% (22 seats) - Economically Weaker Section & Disadvantaged Group as defined under the Right to Education Act, 2009. The seats for this quota will be filled through a draw of lots
(ii) 20% (18 seats)- Management Quota
(iii) 5% (5 seats) - Staff quota
(iv) 50% (45 seats)– Open general seats which are not covered under the above three categories.

Click here for details of seats available, criteria for awarding points and time line for the admission process.

Click here to view the first list of students for admission to Pre-School (Foundation) 2015

Click here to view the waiting list of students for admission to Pre School (Foundation) 2015

Click here to view the list of all remaining applicants to Pre School (Foundation) 2015

The Evening Programme at Vasant Valley School

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Clay modelling on 'Journey Of A River' Class four
25th February, 2015

Kyra Dhingra, Amaeera Bhatia, Shubh Karman Sandhu and Samara Bharadwaj
Ruhan Kumar, Soumya Garg and Kabir Chandiok
Zubin Mehra and Kabir Datta

Standard Test Schedule

After school sports camps cancelled on the 2nd and 3rd of March due to inclement weather conditions

Class 6 - 3rd March, 2015 during first five lessons
Class 7 - 4th March, 2015 during first five lessons
Class 8 - 2nd March, 2015 during 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th lessons
Class 9 - 5th March, 2015 during first four lessons
Class 12 - 9th March, 2015 during first four lessons

Class Activity - Junior School
27th February, 2015

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Class Activity - Senior School
27th February, 2015

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26th February, 2015

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Classes 1 and 2 had an interactive session with Mrs. Bulbul Sharma
25th February, 2015

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Social Science Debate
25th February, 2015

Best house: Red house
Best speaker: Kamya Yadav
Most promising speaker: Aryan Sadh

Social Science Essay Competition
24th February, 2015

Class 9
1st - Aryan Sadh
2nd - Ashna Sethi

Class 9 CBSE
1st - Zoya Hassan, Devika Vir and Aditya Kapur

Class 4 Visit to Red Fort
11th February, 2015

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25th Inter House Track and Field Meet

Cross Country - Monday, 16th February, 2015 - Click here

Track 'n' Field Meet - Classes Nursery to 2 - Wednesday, 18th February, 2015 - Click here

Track 'n' Field Meet - Classes 3 to 12 - Friday, 20th February, 2015 -
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Posters Created by Class 8A

Class 12 Attended a Talk on the Battle of Imphal by Mr Hemant Singh Katoch
16 February, 2015

Mr Hemant Singh Katoch is the Visiting Fellow for North East Studies and Policy Research, Jamia Millia Islamia and Project Coordinator, Manipur WWII Project, INTACH

He spoke and showed visuals about the Battle of Imphal and the importance of this battle in the defeat of Japan in the Second World War.

Map Quest Classes 4 & 5
9th February, 2015

Class 4
Darsh Puri, Girdhar Chandok, Mehek Dhawan, Sriya Gupta, Ishan Singh Puri, Neel Mehta, Smit Bachan, Soumya Garg and
Sumaya Beri
Dishita Natu, Ritwick Sapru, Arsheya Chawla and Kashvi Rahul

Class 5
Shaivya Gupta, Jia Mittal, Saarthak Khosla and Veeraj Puri
Devanshi Sawhney, Gabiya Nayar, Ishan Kapur and Arnav Saxena
Aadi Nayar, Advaita Sehgal, Gaurang Deka, Rohan Pahwa, Sukriti Jain, Taanvir Sood, Sara Chopra, Shivaan Salooja, Armaan Sarna and Maryam Shaw

Class 3 Visit to Aviary
13th February, 2015

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Citizen's Science
12th February, 2015

Prof. Amit Ray, from the Dept. of Art and Design, Shiv Nadar University addressed the students of Class 12

Class 5 Visit Qutub Minar

BookAmour 2015 - Ridge Valley's 2nd Annual Literary Fest
6th Feburary, 2015

Ananya Jain of Class 9C took part in Just a Minute Competition in Hindi and she placed 2nd position in this competition

10th Inter School Mathematics Quiz
3rd February, 2015

1st - DPS, Vasant Kunj
2nd - DPS, RK Puram
3rd - Amity International School, Noida
4th - Manav Sthali School

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Inter House Senior Boys Cricket
27th February, 2015

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Artemis Fowl - Book Discussion Classes 6-8
26th February, 2015

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Dr Asha Rao interacted with the students of class 9 CBSE along with Anandi and Simran - two HIV affected patients
26th February, 2015

Results of the Loud Reading Competition
25th February, 2015

Class 4

Girdhar Chandok
Dishita Natu, Sana Mehra, Samaira Chawla and Rianna Chhabra
Advait Gaur and Kabir Datta

Class 5

Devanshi Sawhney, Advaita Sehgal and Daksayani Chandra
Taanvir Sood, Jehan Vir Singh, Inaayat Passi, Jaisal Sood, Mehek Anand, Ruhan Chopra, Veeraj Puri and Ishan Kapur
Armaan Sarna, Shaan Kanwar and Jia Mittal

Map Quest
February, 2015

Class 6
Agastya Rattan Nashier, Joy Ghatak and Ansh Mehta
Class 7
Nandini Agarwal and Riya Jain
Class 8
Aadya Choudhury and Medha Verma
Class 9
Ayan Sagar
Class 9 CBSE
Aditya Kapur
Sanjari Kalantri and Joseph Sabu
Avanti Divan, Arushi Madan and Sanya Kapoor

Nursery Visit to the Zoo
23rd February, 2015

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Loud Reading Activity Class 3
20th February, 2015

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Sulekh Competition Results Classes 4 and 5
19th February, 2015

Class 4

Kirti, Aananda Lakshmi Chopra and Siddharth Nambiar Varma
Girdhar Chandok, Saanya Anand and Jia Noor Singh
Myra Prasad, Samaara Bhardwaj and Dishita Natu

Class 5

Advaita Sehgal, Gaurang Deka, Sukriti Jain and Shaan Kanwar
Devanshi Sawhney, Aryan Sansanwal, Jai Mittal
Saara Chopra, Mehek Anand, Innyat Passi, Viraj Puri, Ruhan Chopra, Krishna Dev Agarwal and Udhay Aman Chopra

Class 7 Visit Qutub Minar
13th February, 2015

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आई वसंत ऋतु मतवाली, खिल गए फूल हर ओर
महक उठी कलियाँ सारी, झूम उठी डाली-डाली ।

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Class 5 Visit to Qutub Minar
12th February, 2015

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Speed Math 2
12th February, 2015

Class 12
Students who have done well:
Akarsh Hemrajani, Viruj Menon, Ricky T George and Aadit Raj Gupta
Rishabh Chaterjee

Class 9+
Student who have done Well:

Anchal Mahajan, Shreya Behl, Akshat Bansal, Manya Beri and Aditya Kapur
Avarokin Raj

Class 9
Student who has done well:

Veeraj Jindal
Suryadip Bandyopadhyay, Suyash Bhatia and Vidur Gupta

Class 8
Students who have done well:

Panshul Singh and Dhruv Rattan
Shubham Kalantri, Asmita Shah and Kartik Kajaria

Nursery Picnic to Nehru Park
10th February, 2015

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संस्कृत श्लोक लेखन प्रतियोगिता - कक्षा नवमी

१. राबिया गुप्ता ९ अ
२. प्रियम डेका ९ स
३. आशुतोष त्रिवेदी ९ अ
विराज जिन्दल ९ ब

Vasant Valley Speakers' Forum
6th February, 2015

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Results of Transcription Competition - Class 4
30th January, 2015

1st - Ishan Singh Puri and Darsh Puri
2nd - Anirudh Vats
3rd - Kyra Dhingra, Kirti Lohia and Ayra Monga

Psychology students interact with Psychiatrist - Dr. Samir Parikh
2nd February, 2015

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