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Parent Volunteers


In more than 25 years that Vasant Valley School has been in existence, we have constantly reviewed and reconstructed our systems to ensure we are abreast of our constantly evolving environment. The one constant in all these years has been our willingness to change, as long as the change is constructive and meaningful.
The parents of our students are very important stake holders in school and our partners in the growth and progress of the students .A group of 12 parent representatives, who are elected every year, have taken this partnership forward and together we have been successful in creating an environment where each child is nurtured and is able to actualize her potential.

The 12 parent representatives for 2019

Class 1 - Asha Nayar Basu
Class 2 - Dilpreet Kaur Dua
Class 3 - T Srinivasa Murthy
Class 4 - Ruchika Prasad
Class 5 - Shyel Purie Trehan
Class 6 - Sona Puri
Class 7 - Guneet Kaur
Class 8 - Madhurima Mukherjee
Class 9 - Anisha Bhandari
Class 10 - Sumati Chandna
Class 11 - Sujata Bagla
Class 12 - Mallika Sachdeva

The 12 teacher representatives are Rekha Krishnan, Rekha Bakshi, Kavita Sarin, Rajyashree Sood, Vidya Surendran, Sreela Mitra, Sushmita Mitra, Nomita Roy, Geetika Jerath, Aarti Johri, Bipul Chetri and Pankaj Seth.


Awareness Generation teams
Warning and Information Dissemination team
Search and Rescue team
First Aid team
Fire Safety team
Site Security team

Awareness Generation Team

The members of this group are expected to spread awareness on disaster Management by way of talks, making posters, films, organize activities and exercises for students and teachers on Disaster Management.


Warning and Information Dissemination Team

This team is responsible to collect information regarding potential hazards in and around the school remises and inform the school authorities regarding the same. This group will have to be thoroughly oriented about the different types of hazards and disseminate this information to the staff and students.


Search and Rescue Team

This team would have a detailed map of the school with different exits, stairs, doors and windows clearly marked and would be involved in the search and rescue operations in case of a disaster.


First Aid Team

This team will be responsible to administer first aid to the injured in case of a disaster and provide training to other teachers and students in first aid.


Fire Safety Team

The Fire Safety Team would essentially ensure that

  • all fire-fighting equipment in school is in working condition at all times and that staff has received training in its use
  • all non-structural earthquake hazards like chemicals in laboratories, bookshelves in library etc are properly secured
  • coordinate with the school to ensure that the recommendations of the local fire department are implemented.


Site security team

This team will plan an evacuation policy for any emergency that might occur.
They will release students as per a pre-arranged plan and also monitor the entries and exit to school during such emergencies.


Parents interested in helping with any of the above activities could email Mr Kapur at specifying the activity which they would like to help with.