Evening Programme of Rehabilitation Services

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Parent and family counselling

The special needs of a child can affect routines and roles played by parents, siblings, grandparents and other significant family members.
Through a combination of psychotherapy, counselling and educational resources, we aim to help you find a balance between the special needs of a child and family life.
At the Vasant Valley School Evening Programme of Rehabilitation Services, we provide a safe, confidential and non-judgemental environment where our counselling psychologist will support you through counselling and guidance on:

• Growth and developmental milestones.

• Behavioural concerns.

• Emotional health and well being.

• Support in organizing your child’s time at home.

• Support in parenting.

• Support you through any crisis situations that may arise.

• Guide the entire family on the needs of a child with special needs.

Counselling Psychologist: Leenoor Foning.