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A Great Opportunity !!!

Sunita Williams shall interact with VVS Students on the 24 Feb 2007 at 2.20 pm !

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An Indian woman in space: After Kalpana, it's Sunita. Three years after Kalpana Chawla, Sunita Williams is the next woman of Indian origin to make a space odyssey.

US-born Sunita Williams, along with astronauts Michael Lopez-Alegria and Mikhail Tyurin, have been selected as part of the 14th crew for the six-month long International Space Station Expedition.

37-year-old Sunita who will be flight engineer will join Expedition 14 after traveling to the station on space shuttle mission STS-116. This will be Sunita's first space flight. Michael Lopez-Alegria will be the commander and the station science officer and Mikhail Tyurin will be the flight engineer and Soyuz commander. 

During her 6- month long stay in the International Space Station, she will interact with 50 schools from all over the world. You could ask her-

- About her experience,

- Will she miss her dog Gorby?

- What are the experiments that she plans to conduct in space?

- What difficulties is she experiencing?

- As she looks at the Earth from space, what impresses her the most?

- Is flying the shuttle the same as flying a plane?

- What was it like to take a spacewalk?

- What is her favorite food to eat on the shuttle?

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