Alumni 2002
Name Nikhilesh Chand
college/work Currently studying at Cambridge. For my final year I have chosed Biochemistry as a subject and will be studying advanced topics. It will be my last year here. The year prior to this I studied biochemistry, cell and
developmental biology, animal biology. I am happy to tell you that my exams here went reasonably well and I ranked 5th out of 200 students in the university in biochemistry and molecular biology. I have been elected to a senior scholarship at Trinity College. Currently, over the summer I am part of the Cambridge team working on an entry to submit to the "International
Genetically engineered machines competition 2006 (igem2006)" organized by MIT. It is a competition they started 2 years ago and the aim is to mix and match various biological components and create a novel system. Entries last year included a bacterial thermometer and a bacterial photofilm. We havent
decided on what we will design this year. You can read more about the competition, if interested at
This year, I am applying to universities in the US for graduate school in molecular biology starting fall 2007.

last updated July 2006