Excellence Awards are given for excellence in all fields of endeavour. In order to get these awards students need to surpass benchmarks in Academics, Arts and Sports, and participate and excel in both Academic and Non Academic activities, within and outside the school. It goes without saying that these students should have exhibited exemplary behaviour and are role models for their peers.

These awards are given to students of Class V (based on performance in Classes IV and V), Class VIII (based on performance in Classes VI to VIII),Class X (based on performance in Classes IX and X), Class XII (based on performance in Classes XI & XII), Alumni (based on performance in school, Board Examinations, Placements and Careers).
The excellence awards thus reward not just excellence, but sustained excellence over a period of time.

Excellence Awards 2012

Class 5
Aadya Choudhary
Anya Malhotra
Asmita Shah
Ransher Singh Manhas
Sehej Kaur
Tanvi Bahl
Class 8
Diya Narag
Jahnvi Toshniwal
Kaamya Sharma
Nikita Dhawan
Nimran Kang
Riya Kothari
Sama Kasliwal
Sanjari Kalantri
Zoya Singh
Class 10
Aanya Priya Dalmia
Ananya Jain
Armaan Grewal
Haripriya Dalmia
Indraneel Roy
Isha Gupta
Nirvaan Bharany
Shantanu Puri
Tarana Gupta
Class 12
Aditi Banerjee
Akhila Khanna
Amira Singh
Gauri R Khanna
Ishaan Sardesai
Pia Chatterjee
Riddhima Yadav
Shriya Gupta
Simrat Khera
Vandita Khanna
Vani Mohindra
Veer Gupta
Nidhi Jain
Pihu Yadav
Shiksha Kamra

Student Reactions on receiving the coveted Excellence Awards 2012

I am very very happy that I got the excellence award. I feel on top of the world. It was one of the happiest moments of my life. My teachers and my parents are very proud of me. I would like to thank all my teachers with all my heart for their support, encouragement and being an inspiration for me to help me reach such levels.
I would also like to thank my parents for everything . Without them this would not have been possible. I really love them a lot.
I hope I continue to make everyone proud and this award acts as a motivation to carry forward my efforts.
I am really proud to be a part of Vasant Valley School which is just like a second home to me.
Thank you God for making it happen and thank you once again to all my amazing and the best teachers in the world.

Aadya Choudhary- 5A

This Founders day will be forever etched in my mind. Our batch was eligible for the coveted 'Excellence Awards' this year and all of us were hoping in our own way that we had strived hard enough to earn it.
The evening before D day, when Dad got a call from Mr. Kapur, I was thrilled and relieved at the same time! There was a sense of satisfaction and exhilaration and I needed to pinch myself to believe it! Then came the big moment next day: The stage, my name being called out, the applause of the audience, getting to hold the trophy handed by Mrs. Puri, and seeing the proud look on my parents faces....all these indelible memories will remain with me through times to come. A heartfelt thank you to ALL my teachers for making me what I am today.....and for their continued guidance and encouragement.

Tanvi Bahl-5A

A dream come true. Since third grade this award was my goal. To work hard and focus. While waiting in the wings of the stage, before I went up to collect my award I had mixed emotions. I was excited and nervous. I kept thinking what if I went up there and made a fool of myself? Like, if I dropped the award by accident because it was too heavy? Finally when my name was called I went up on stage with goose bumps on my skin and then everything slowed down. I saw the crowd going wild my parents screaming my name and cheering for me. Then my confidence grew. I went up to Mrs.Puri and took my award and to my surprise it was extremely light! I was so proud of myself. I was so happy I felt like crying. That award was anything a person could dream of. It had the school logo, excellence indeed, and my name written in red on it. That was one of the happiest and most exciting day of my life. I had achieved what I had strived for. I shall always remember that day as the day my dreams came true, the day I got my first excellence award.

Anya Malhotra - 5A

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