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Subject Awards are given to all those students who have surpassed benchmarks for excellence in a particular subject. Students should have also participated and excelled in events related to the subject. These students should also exhibit exemplary behaviour. These awards are given annually to students from classes IX, X and XII.


Subject Awards 2019


Name Class Subject
Shyla Upadhyay 9 English
Siddhant Nagrath 9 English
Mehek Anand 9 English
Daksayani Chandra 9 English
Daksayani Chandra 9 Hindi
Shaivya Gupta 9 Hindi
Vedant Singh 9 Hindi
Vedant Singh 9 Mathematics
Saarthak Khosla 9 Mathematics
Anand Athialy 9 Mathematics
Aryan Agarwal 9 Mathematics
Saarthak Khosla 9 Physical Education
Jasraj Singh 9 Physical Education
Priyanshu Bisht 9 Physical Education
Garvit Rana 9 Physical Education
Aditya Jain 9 Physical Education
Shiven Goenka 9 Physical Education
Shivani Sharma 9 Physical Education
Maryam Sultanaa Shaw 9 Physical Education
Advaita Sehgal 9 Physical Education
Advaita Sehgal 9 Sanskrit
Inaaya Gulati 9 Sanskrit
Advaita Sehgal 9 Science
Shyla Upadhyay 9 Science
Udhay Aman Chopra 9 Science
Udhay Aman Chopra 9 Social Science
Daksayani Chandra 9 Social Science
Advaita Sehgal 9 Social Science
Katyayani Jha 10 English
Tara Jing Gopinath 10 English
Arshya Gaur 10 English
Ayushmaan Aashish Kher 10 Hindi
Praneel Midha 10 Hindi
Anshuman Singh 10 Mathematics
Kavyini  Garodia 10 Mathematics
Arshya Gaur 10 Mathematics
Katyayani Jha 10 Mathematics
Samara Jind Mohan 10 Mathematics
Shaurya Chandna 10 Mathematics
Aarush Shah 10 Mathematics
Tara Jing Gopinath 10 Physical Education
Suhana Chopra 10 Physical Education
Ansh Mehta  10 Physical Education
Sabeer Singh Bhullar 10 Physical Education
Tejas Singh Rawat 10 Physical Education
Prithvi Mehta 10 Physical Education
Vir Jain 10 Physical Education
Katyayani Jha 10 Sanskrit
Arshya Gaur 10 Sanskrit
Anshuman Singh 10 Sanskrit
Mahika Dalmia 10 Sanskrit
Katyayani Jha 10 Science
Kavyini Garodia 10 Science
Anshuman Singh 10 Science
Arshya Gaur 10 Science
Aarush Shah 10 Science
Jayaditya Vikram Bagrodia 10 Science
Katyayani Jha 10 Social Science
Arshya Gaur 10 Social Science
Yash Gupta 12 Accountancy
Sehej Kaur 12 Applied Art
Ilisha Chauhan 12 Applied Art
Asmita Shah 12 Biology
Darinee Chandok 12 Business Studies
Yash Gupta 12 Business Studies
Sachin Yuvaraj Dinesh Babu 12 Chemistry
Kartik Kajaria 12 Computer Science
Rohil Bahl 12 Computer Science
Shubham Kalantri 12 Computer Science
Rishad Luthra 12 Computer Science
Yash Gupta 12 Economics
Sehej Kaur 12 Economics
Advaya Gulati 12 English
Aditya Parashar 12 English
Sehej Kaur 12 English
Asmita Shah 12 English
Devaki Divan 12 English
Anahita Jain 12 English
Tanvi Bahl 12 English
Naina Shukla 12 History
Naira Kothari 12 History
Aahana Banerjee 12 History
Shubham Kalantri 12 Mathematics
Rohil Bahl 12 Mathematics
Shaurya Bhardwaj 12 Mathematics
Esha Singh Thakran 12 Painting
Dhruv Singh Chauhan 12 Performing Art
Karamvir Chopra 12 Performing Art
Chandsi Kataria 12 Performing Art
Bhavya Mitra 12 Performing Art
Kathleen Kyra Ireland 12 Performing Art
Rishad Luthra 12 Performing Art
 Tanvi Bahl 12 Physical Education
 Ilisha Chauhan 12 Physical Education
 Naira Kothari 12 Physical Education
 Shaurya Bhardwaj 12 Physical Education
 Yuvraj Singh Mamik 12 Physical Education
 Bikramjeet Singh Chawla 12 Physical Education
 Ransher Singh Manhas 12 Physical Education
Tushar Chaudhary 12 Physical Education
 Shubham Kalantri 12 Physical Education
Anirudh Kaushik 12 Physical Education
Vama Borah 12 Physical Education
Sehej Kaur 12 Physical Education
Aahana Banerjee 12 Physical Education
Ashna Suri 12 Physical Education
Esha Singh Thakran 12 Physical Education
Sachin Yuvaraj Dinesh Babu 12 Physics
Asmita Shah 12 Physics
Shaurya Bhardwaj 12 Physics
Anahita Jain 12 Political Science
Ayaan Gulyani 12 Political Science
Aahana Banerjee 12 Psychology
Naina Shukla 12 Psychology
Karamvir Chopra 12 Psychology
Esha Singh Thakran 12 Visual Art Award
Sehej Kaur 12 Visual Art Award
Aahana Banerjee 12 Sociology
Amaya Vijay Arora 12 Sociology
Darinee Chandok 12 Sociology

Anjalika Kapur Essay Writing Competition - 2019

Vedika Bagla
Shrijeet Kolley
Teesta Dayal

The Anjalika Kapur Essay Writing competition was held on the 27th September, 2019
The Topic for the Essay Writing Competition was: 'Fair is Foul, Foul is Fair'


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