CBSE Class XII Results at a glance – 2015


Format 2 A


101 students appeared for the class XII Examination.



The school average is  91.8 %





58.4% of our scores are A1



72% students have scored above 90%





23 % students have scored between 80% to 89% 



Political Science has 100% A1 scores





Aakanksha Jadhav and Neelambari A Madhusudhanan have the highest score in school with 98%.


Sanah Devika Rao and Taarika Joan Peres have scored 100% in Psychology. 


Aakanksha Jadhav  has scored a 100% in Political Science


Avneet Sinha has scored 100% in Accountancy


Aisha Ghei Dev, Himabrabal Goud, Prerna Dayal and Mitali Mehta have scored 100% in Applied Arts.





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