CBSE Class XII Results at a glance – 2017

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92 students appeared for the class XII Examination.


The school average is 90.5%



57% of our scores are A1


68% students have scored above 90%


26 % students have scored between 80% to 89% 



Kamya Yadav and Nikita Dhawan have the highest score in school with 98%.


Diya Narag has scored an average of 97.8% and Sanjari Kalantri has scored an average of 97. 5%


Ananya Jagoorie,Ananya Sagar and Pranati Kapur have scored 100% in Sociology


Kamya Yadav has scored 100% in History


Priyanka Bansal has scored 100% in Economics 


Nikita Dhawan has scored 100% in Chemistry


Aakriti Sharma & Janani Gurumurthy have scored 100% in Biotechnology


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