24th March - 4th April, 2017

The river Yamuna has from time immemorial been an intrinsic part of India's and more specifically Delhi's socio- economic and cultural fabric. Apart from being a lifeline to the region as a constant source of water, it has always occupied a revered space in all religions and communities. However, due to untreated effluents discharged directly into the river and our apathy, Yamuna is dying a slow death today.

Sixty Three students of class 11 will be on a ‘Yatra' down the river Yamuna. The ‘Yatra' is an adventurous journey tracing the river's course from its source in the Yamunotri Glacier to the plains in Agra, as it flows along the Taj Mahal. What lies as the centre of focus is the difference between the river when it starts its journey in the Himalayan Glacier and when it reaches Delhi and flows through the 22 km stretch where it is ceases to be a river but transforms into a giant drain.

Arguably this is a reflection of our times, where greater urbanization and our ‘use and throw' lifestyle has reduced the river to a mere physical landmark. The ‘Yatra' is not just an adventure trip; it involves substantial learning in terms of the river's prominent position in Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism and Sikhism, the people who are dependent on it, the communities who live on the banks of the river, the burgeoning towns and cities that have developed over the years near the river.



Day 1, March 24

Yatra Flag off from Vasant Valley School 8:00 am - Night stay at Mussoorie

Day 2, March 25

At Lakhamandal

Day 3, March 26

At Janki Chatti

Day 4, March 27

Trek to Yamunotri (total Distance - 5 kms)

Day 5, March 28

Trek down to Janki Chatti & visit Kharsali village

Day 6, March 29

Travel to Gangnani

Day 7, March 30

At Gangnani

Day 8, March 31

Paonta Sahib

Day 9, April 1

Yamuna Nagar

Day 10, April 2

Travel back to Delhi

Day 11, April 3

Travel to Vrindavan

Day 12, April 4

Visit to the Taj Agra and Yamuna. Return to Delhi at 1900 hrs.

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