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Meet the Author Ms Bulbul Sharma with class 6
11th August, 2020

On the 11th of August, Class 6 was delighted to have Ms Bulbul Sharma talk about her book, 'Secret Tales of the Himalayas' which she has beautifully illustrated herself. Set in the Himalayan regions of Sirmaur, this book is filled with intriguing creatures such as sparrows, parakeets, monal pheasant and the black-faced langurs. Deeper into the session, Ms Bulbul Sharma started answering our questions in detail about the deodar trees,birds and how does a small stream reach the sea. Ms Sharma also informed us of a new genre known as 'faction' - fact + fiction' which she has interestingly used in her book. We thank Ms Sharma for such an informative session and we can't wait to get our hands on the book!

Veda Kalra and Shirin Shaw

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