Talk on Health and Hygiene for Class 3
6th October, 2020

Talk On Health And Hygiene By Dr. Tickoo

On 6th October, Tuesday, class three had a talk on H ealth, Hygiene and Water Borne Diseases by Dr. Ritu Malani Tickoo. She is a pulmonologist and also our classmate Rianna's mother. She began with explaining how, the world is undergoing the Covid-19 pandemic and gave us a few important tips on how to safeguard ourselves from the virus. With the help of glitter Dr. Tickoo explained how the germs from an infected person can be transported to an uninfected person by sneezing, coughing, shaking hands etc. She explained about Water borne diseases which are very common these days and how stagnant water can lead to mosquitoes breeding. She told us about Dengue prevention tips and showed us how the dirty water is filtered and becomes clean water again. She spoke about the importance of wearing a mask, washing hands, sanitising all surfaces and items which come from outside, social distancing and not visiting crowded places and big gatherings. Dr. Tickoo discussed the benefits of healthy habits to maintain good hygiene as a clean body is always germ-free!! She also shared a food pyramid to help us understand the importance of a balanced diet in order to build a strong immunity to fight diseases. It was a very relevant talk and we are very thankful for her valuable time and useful advice. I hope we can all follow her interesting tips and suggestions.   
Nyra Kapoor 3C 

Dr. Ayush Gupta, a pulmonary and critical care specialist gave a very knowledgeable talk to our class on health, hygiene and water borne diseases. Dr. Ayush's spoke to us about the importance of washing hands. Through his presentation he showed us the different steps involved in like rubbing the back of the hands, between the fingers and rubbing the fingers tips on the palm before rinsing your hands. He said that the entire process should be done for 20-30 seconds. He also educated us about the different waterborne diseases like typhoid, diarrhoea and stomach flu. These diseases were carried by germs which grow in water. He also told us the importance of ORS, to cure weakness and loss of salts from the body. Lastly, he mentioned that we should eat fresh food and to complete the served food within 20- 25 minutes.
Miraaya Singh 3B

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