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VVS Library

Happy News Reading

Ebooks Authored by Children of Class I

VVS Reads

Junior School Reading List - 2020

Senior School Reading List - 2020

Classes 6 to 7

Classes 8 to 9

Classes 10 to 12

Junior Library
New Arrivals
February - March, 2020

1. Voyage Of The Dogs by Greg Van Eekhout
2. How High The Moon by Karyn Parsons
1. Heroes Incredible True Stories Of Courageous Animals by David Long
2. Project Z - A Zombie Ate My Homework by Tommy Greenwald
1. Black Cats And Butlers by Janine Beacham
2. The XYZ Of Being Wicked by Lara Chapman

Senior Library
New Arrivals
March, 2020

1. Al Arabian Novel Factory/Benyamin
2. The Fountains of Silence/Ruta Sepetys
1. Low/Jeet Thayil
2. Into the Fire /Gregg Hurwitz
1. Chanakya's View;Understanding India in Transition/Pavan K. Varma
2. The Other People/C J Tudor

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Junior School Spelling Lists

Class 2

Class 3

Class 4

Class 5

Sr. School Schedule For Online Classes
Monday 18th to Friday 22nd January 2021

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Jr. School Schedule For Online Classes
Monday 18th to Friday 22nd January 2021

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College Placements 2020
1st January, 2021

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Schedule for Class 10 and 12 Examinations, January 2021

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Class 5 Online Class Act
23rd December, 2020

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Book Bingo for Classes 3-5
23rd December, 2020

Class 3
Rudra Saran, Laghima Chopra, Ayaan Gupta, Natalia Kapoor, Raghav Kumar, Nyra Kapoor, Natasha Singh,
Jaiveer Singh and Miraaya Singh
Class 4
Veer Ramchandani
Class 5
Aisha Goyal, Anahita Ganeshan, Maira Ghosh, Aditya Singh Saggu, Avanti Chopra and Anant Agarwal

Voices in Vasant Valley
21st December, 2020

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Inter House Book Quiz 2020 for Classes 3-5
21st December, 2020

Red house
Yellow house
Blue house

8th Art Marathon
18th December, 2020

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Map Quest Results - Classes 6-12
December, 2020

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Readbox 2021
14th December, 2020

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Poetry Writing Activity Class 3
4th December, 2020

Children who did well:
Nyra Kapoor, Sahaya Kukreja, Miraya Singh, Natalia Kapoor, Noor Jain and Tarangini Sethi

Talk on Sustainability by Mr. Prashant Krishnan for Class 3
4th December, 2020

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CBSE Class X Marksheet-2020
9th November, 2020

CBSE Mark Sheet of the All India Secondary School Certificate Examination for Class X conducted in 2020 will be available in the Senior School office, from Tuesday the 10th of November, between 10am and 2pm. It has to be collected by either parent or the legal guardian of the child.

Just A Minute Competition Class 5
2nd December, 2020

Kartikey Gupta and Maira Ghosh
Aisha Goyal, Samarth Meattle, Anam Mathur and Avanti Chopra
Adhiraj Jaswal, Arin Ganeshan, Imaan Kaur Bakshi, Tarini Dhingra, Veer Sikka and Darsh Prasad

Unboxed - a Public Speaking Event
27th November, 2020

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Founders Day 2020

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Click here to view the 31st Founder's Day Celebration

Inter Section Creative Writing- Class 11
10th November, 2020

Manan Ahuja
Arshya Gaur and Kavin Bhatia
Kavyini Garodia

Story Narration Activity - Class 3
9th November 2020

Children who did well:
Miraaya Singh, Jaiveer Singh, Natalia Kapoor, Nyra Kapoor, Nevaya Aman Kaur Gill, Tushita Johar, Tarangini Sethi, Laghima Chopra and Sumer Chandra Thakur

Just A Minute - Class 4
8th November, 2020

Ameir Sandhu, Cyra Parhawk and Namyaa Munjal
Shrey Relan, Ayanna Sophie Lal, Myeisha Sirohi, Navya Modi, Donna Chhatwal and Shreyas Mukhopadhyay
Norra Chhatwal, Ziya Khanna, Aiyanna Kathuria and Jai Nath

Citizens Science Talk
6th November, 2020

Burpee Challenge for classes 6,7 & 8 and Single Leg Jack Knife Challenge for Classes 9, 10, 11 & 12
4th January, 2021

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संस्कृत कथा लेखन प्रतियोगिता परिणाम
२३ दिसम्बर, २०२०

संस्कृत कथा लेखन प्रतियोगिता, कक्षा – ७

प्रथम स्थान
त्विषा पुंढीर , सहज सेठी , तानिया सरदार
दूसरा स्थान
इशिता मल्होत्रा
तीसरा स्थान
काव्या मालिक, अवनी गांधी , निर्वान मानकतला

संस्कृत कथा लेखन प्रतियोगिता, कक्षा - ८

प्रथम स्थान
महीका बागला, अद्विका चौधरी
दूसरा स्थान
आदया चोपड़ा
तीसरा स्थान
विनीता मौर्या

"Great Conjunction" of Jupiter and Saturn - filmed by Poojan Sahil
21st December, 2020

Winter Solstice this year saw a rare astronomical event - the "Great Conjunction" of Jupiter and Saturn. The last time this event occurred was in 1623, and the next time it will be visible will be in 2080. It has also been nearly 800 years since the alignment of Saturn and Jupiter occurred at night. This astronomical event was filmed by Mr. Poojan Sahil using a telescope and his phone camera on 21st December 2020, when Jupiter and Saturn passed the closest to each other. In the video three of Jupiter's moons are also visible

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11th and 12th December, 2020

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Financial Analysis Results for Class 11
17th December, 2020

Ayush Bhatia and Udayveer Jain
Arhaan Kaura and Aiman Ghai

Results of the Business Studies Extempore competition for Class 11
8th December, 2020

Ishita Gupta
Arhaan Kaura and Praniti Jain

Modern World Debate organised by GEMS Modern Academy
7th and 8th December, 2020

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Newsletter - December, 2020

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Art Festival - Class 3
Winds of Change

7th - 9th December, 2020

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Class 3 Online Class Act
27th November, 2020

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16th Interschool Mathematics Quiz
24th November, 2020

Excellence Awards 2020
18th November, 2020

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Artwork by students of class 2
13th November, 2020

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Celebrating Green Diwali
13th November, 2020

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Subject Awards 2020
10th November, 2020

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Young Entrepreneur's Competition Classes 6, 7 & 8
6th November, 2020

Class 6 - Groups
Aarna Gupta and Sitara Sachdeva
Vevaan Mundhra, Adit Agarwal
Myra Ojha, Jiya Modi
Vedant Binani, Shiv Sharma
Class 7 - Groups
Kavya Mukherjee Saha, Kavya Mallik, Meera Shukla
Udai Relan, Armaan Rai Sood
Sehej Sethi, Ridhima Panwar, Inika Gour, Kritika Pipalia
Class 8 - Groups
Prisha Singhal, Suhani Ahuja, Ahaana Gupta
Khrish Jain, Savya Meatle, Raemana Panda
Amaara Dalmia, Ayesha Chandra Thakur, Mannat Sikka, Vaani Chopra

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