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VVS Library

Happy News Reading

Ebooks Authored by Children of Class I

VVS Reads

Junior School Reading List - 2020

Senior School Reading List - 2020

Classes 6 to 7

Classes 8 to 9

Classes 10 to 12

Junior Library
New Arrivals
February - March, 2020

1. Voyage Of The Dogs by Greg Van Eekhout
2. How High The Moon by Karyn Parsons
1. Heroes Incredible True Stories Of Courageous Animals by David Long
2. Project Z - A Zombie Ate My Homework by Tommy Greenwald
1. Black Cats And Butlers by Janine Beacham
2. The XYZ Of Being Wicked by Lara Chapman

Senior Library
New Arrivals
March, 2020

1. Al Arabian Novel Factory/Benyamin
2. The Fountains of Silence/Ruta Sepetys
1. Low/Jeet Thayil
2. Into the Fire /Gregg Hurwitz
1. Chanakya's View;Understanding India in Transition/Pavan K. Varma
2. The Other People/C J Tudor

Junior School Web Links

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Junior School Spelling Lists

Class 2

Class 3

Class 4

Class 5

Class XI Admissions - 2020

Seats are reserved for EWS & Disadvantaged Group students as per the rules

click here to see details of the admission process for class XI 2020

click here to see the timeline for class XI admissions 2020

click here to see the names of the children who have been given admission to class XI

Lockdown Unlocked

School Notices Library
Quarantine Monologues

Silent Diaries - Until we all Return ...!
16th April, 2020

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The Geography Students of Class XII were part of Picture Story Competition.
The topic given to them was: 'The Nowhere Man'
28th May, 2020

Result of The Picture Story Competition Class XII

1st Position Vaanya Vsudeva
2nd Position Merayah Sardana and Simran Shina Kumar
3rd Position Avya Bhalla

परिणाम - विज्ञापन निर्माण प्रतियोगिता कक्षा १०
१५ माय, २०२०

१.अद्वैता सहगल
२. भाविनी नागपाल ,दक्शायानी चंद्रा
३. महक आनंद

Samuhik Kahani Lekhan Pratiyogita in Hindi
8th May, 2020

Class 9
Anirudh Vats, Ritwick Sapra & Girdhar Chandok
Saanya Anand, Kashvi Rahul & Tvisha Jerath
Shashvat Rastogi, Vivasvat Rastogi & Ruhan Kumar

Class 10
Advaita Sehgal, Shyla Upadhyay and Mehek Anand
Shaivya Gupta, Ashee Pawar and Sonakshi Garg
Akshun Chhapola, Daksayani Chandra and Vedant Singh


Click here for details of seats available, criteria for awarding points and time line for the admission process

Click here to view the details of the children who have applied to the school for admission under the open general category seats

Click here to view the details of all children who have applied for admission in the open general category, along with their points

Click here to view the list of selected children (First List) and waiting list

Click here to view the list of selected children (Second List)

Click here to view the list of selected children (Third List)

Speed Math 2 for Class 12
20th February, 2020

Armaan Gandhi
Students who did well
Rishnav Thadani, Siddhant Gandhi and Tia Goculdas

Visual Art Online Exhibition
24th May, 2020

A collection of Art Works made by Students of Classes 2 - 12 during the virtual classes

Visual Art Online Exhibition

A special concert of gratitude for the Staff of Vasant Valley School with Sonam Kalra
18th May, 2020

click here to view a short video of the concert

Vasant Valley Online Technology Festival
4th to 8th May, 2020

click here to view the results

click here to view the work done by students

Hobbies & Clubs
15th May, 2020

The lockdown has prevented us from coming to school and following our daily routine, such as the weekly hobby for classes 6 to 10. However, we think this is still a great opportunity for you to make use of the time you have, to foster new talents and skills. We have put together a list of links that will help you to create a project to show your proficiency in any hobby of your choice/hobby you are pursuing in school this year. At the end of the summer break, the projects will be showcased within your hobby groups, and the best projects will also be uploaded on the website. We look forward to hearing from you!

Click here for the list

In case of any doubts, please do contact us:

Drsika Chopra (
Siddhant Gandhi (

Virtual Plays

A collection of Virtual Plays made by Students of Classes 6 - 12
Subject : Drama
14th May, 2020

Virtual Plays

Online Round of the Western Music Competition
15th May, 2020

Due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, the Mark D'Souza Inter-House Western Music Competition has been postponed. This, however, does not mean we can't keep House spirit and morale up! We've introduced a new online round where students from each house are required to make an original composition along with a music video centred around the theme "Back to Life". Stay tuned to hear some amazing music on the 15th of May at 11:25 a.m.!

click here to view a video

click here for details

May, 2020

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Hindi Pratiyogitayen for Classes 6,7 & 8
10th May, 2020

Class 6 (Kavita Lekhan)
Priyanshu Jitendra
Ruhin Matin Khan
Samaira Bhalla & Veda Kalra

Class 7 (Vigyapan Lekhan)
Tanya Sardar
Avni Gandhi & Stuti Bachan
Tvisha Pundir & Samara Sharma

Class 8 (Kahaani Lekhan)
Savya Meattle & Geetika Jain
Aadya Chopra & Aarushi Puri
Miheeka Bagla & Saisha Mishra

Poetry Writing Competition Results
3rd May, 2020

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Sociology Movie Making Competition-Class 12

The Preliminary round of Sociology Movie Making Competition for Class 12 took place on 27th April and 28th April, 2020. The Final Round was conducted on 30th April 2020. The teams chose various sociological issues. This year has special significance as the competition was conducted online for the first time. All the teams put in tremendous effort and it was a gratifying experience.

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Our Planet
Experience our planet's natural beauty and examine how climate change impacts all living creatures in this ambitious documentary of spectacular scope

Jungles Fresh Water Frozen Worlds
Forests Coastal Seas High Seas
Deserts to Grasslands

Credits - BBC production hosted by Netflix and narrated by Sir Richard Attenborough




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