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Student Appointments 2021

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Senior School

Head Girl Arshya Gaur
Head Boy Ayushmaan Aashish Kher
Editor Manan Ahuja 
Games Captain Sabeer Singh Bhullar
Games Vice Captain Ansh Mehta
Red House Captain Praneel Midha 
Red House Prefect Ayzra Dang
Blue House Captain Anshuman Singh     
Blue House Prefect Kavyini Garodia    
Green House Captain Tishya Kasliwal
Green House Prefect Aarush Shah               
Yellow House Captain Mahika Dalmia 
Yellow House Prefect Prithvi Mehta 
Prefect for Cerebral Development Jayditya Bagrodia 
        Prefect for Social - Emotional Development Dhairya Kataria  & Vir Jain
Prefect for Spiritual Development Shiveka Bakshi 
Prefect for Physical Development Suhana Chopra
Prefect for Creative Development Bani Narag
Prefect for Outreach Council Shaurya Chandna 
Prefect for Environment Council Vedika Shrikhande 
Prefect for Library Council Kavin Bhatia
Prefect for Technology Council Suryavir Vaidyanathan & Ayush Bhatia
Prefect for Visual Art Council Nikita Gupta
Prefect for Performing Art Council Devashii Sahu

Junior School

Head Girl Maedhaavi Mahajan
Head Boy Ameir Sandhu
Five Areas of Development Abhinav Mandal
Games Captain Donna Chhatwal
Games Vice Captain Tara YRL Rana
Red House Captain Navya Modi
Blue House Captain Veer Ramchandani
Green House Captain Myeisha Sirohi
Yellow House Captain Norra Chhatwal


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