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Subject Awards are given to all those students who have surpassed benchmarks for excellence in a particular subject. Students should have also participated and excelled in events related to the subject. These students should also exhibit exemplary behaviour. These awards are given annually to students from classes X and XII.


Subject Awards 2020


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Student Name Class Subject
Advaita Sehgal 10 English
Shyla Upadhyay 10 English
Siddhant Nagrath 10 English
Daksayani Chandra 10 Hindi
Shaivya Gupta 10 Hindi
Vedant Singh 10 Hindi
Anand Athialy 10 Mathematics
Aryan Agarwal 10 Mathematics
Kian Nagpal 10 Mathematics
Saarthak Khosla 10 Mathematics
Shyla Upadhyay 10 Mathematics
Udhay Aman Chopra 10 Mathematics
Vedant Singh 10 Mathematics
Krishna Dev Agarwal 10 Performing Art
Advaita Sehgal 10 Sanskrit
Mehek Anand 10 Sanskrit
Shyla Upadhyay 10 Sanskrit
Vira Chhatwal 10 Sanskrit
Saarthak Khosla 10 Science
Shyla Upadhyay 10 Science
Udhay Aman Chopra 10 Science
Advaita Sehgal  10 Social Science
Daksayani Chandra  10 Social Science
Mehek Anand  10 Social Science
Udhay Aman Chopra 10 Social Science
Daaniyal Khizer 10 Visual Art
Maryam Sultanaa Shaw 10 Visual Art
Mokshya Wadhwa 12 Accountancy 
Shivang Mittal 12 Accountancy 
Gauri Minocha 12 Applied Art
Armaan Gandhi 12 Biology
Mokshya Wadhwa 12 Business Studies 
Shivang Mittal 12 Business Studies 
Shreepriya Jindal 12 Business Studies 
Suhanee Gupta 12 Business Studies 
Armaan Gandhi 12 Chemistry 
Siddhant Gandhi 12 Chemistry 
Jai Kapoor 12 Computer Science
Kushagra Goenka 12 Computer Science
Prithvi Ranjeet Oak 12 Computer Science
Siddhant Gandhi 12 Computer Science
Vedika Bagla 12 Computer Science
Jai Kapoor 12 Economics
Laila Indira Alva 12 Economics
Rishnav Thadani  12 Economics
Sanaa Sharma  12 Economics
Ananya Rani Malhotra 12 English
Rishnav Thadani 12 English
Sanaa Sharma 12 English
Vedika Bagla 12 English
Ananya Rani Malhotra  12 History
Naira Chopra  12 History
Sanjana Singh 12 Indian Music (Vocal)
Vaanya Vasudeva 12 Indian Music (Vocal)
Rishi Raj Mishra 12 Indian Music (Tabla)
Armaan Gandhi 12 Mathematics
Prithvi Ranjeet Oak 12 Mathematics
Rishnav Thadani 12 Mathematics
Siddhant Gandhi 12 Mathematics
Jindsaroop Kaur Sandhu 12 Painting
Armaan Gandhi 12 Performing Art
Aryaman Kapur 12 Performing Art
Aryaman Minocha 12 Performing Art
Jai Kapoor 12 Performing Art
Prithvi Ranjeet Oak 12 Performing Art
Shrijeet Kolley 12 Performing Art
Simran Singh 12 Performing Art
Uday Dabas 12 Performing Art
Abhay Kumar 12 Physical Education
Jai Jairath Varma 12 Physical Education
Jugad Singh Chadha 12 Physical Education
Meha Kapur 12 Physical Education
Naaz Gill 12 Physical Education
Nihal Singh Kang 12 Physical Education
Rahil Datta 12 Physical Education
Raisah Ila Panda 12 Physical Education
Sanaa Sharma 12 Physical Education
Simran Singh 12 Physical Education
Tia Goculdas 12 Physical Education
Armaan Gandhi 12 Physics
Kushagra Goenka 12 Physics
Siddhant Gandhi 12 Physics
Anahita Mahajan 12 Political Science
Rishnav Thadani 12 Political Science
Sanaa Sharma 12 Political Science
Vedika Bagla 12 Political Science
Anahit Bindra  12 Psychology 
Anahita Mahajan 12 Psychology 
Arav Malhotra  12 Psychology 
Drsika Chopra 12 Psychology 
Naaz Gill 12 Psychology 
Sanaa Sharma  12 Psychology 
Anahit Bindra  12 Sociology 
Laila Indira Alva 12 Sociology 
Naaz Gill 12 Sociology 
Gauri Minocha 12 Visual Art
Aadi Jain 12 Technology

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