About Us

Run by the Education Today Trust, Vasant Valley School
is the realisation of Mr. Aroon Purie and Mrs. Rekha Purie’s
vision of the ideal school experience for children.

Mr. and Mrs. Purie envisioned a learning experience in which the Arts and Sports are as important as academic learning and wanted to create a paradigm where being a good citizen was more important than being a good student.  Vasant Valley School aims to nurture independent minds, and create a space where students are encouraged to actualise their innate and unique potential.

Mrs. Rekha Purie is the Chairperson of Vasant Valley School.

Mr. Ved Vyas was the Founder-Principal of Modern School, Vasant Vihar. In the initial years, Mr. Vyas worked very closely with Mr. and Mrs. Purie to establish the vision and philosophy of Vasant Valley School. Mr. Vyas’s love for the Arts and Literature is reflected in the core curriculum of the School. He wrote the lyrics of the School Song “Shreshtha Tamaya Karmane” which translates to “Excellence in Deed”, the School Motto.

  • Mr. Ved Vyas

Mr. Arun Kapur was appointed the first Headmaster of Vasant Valley School in 1990. Mr. Kapur along with the initial group of 16 teachers ensured the implementation of the School’s vision. Mr. Kapur continued to Head the School for the next 30 years, till his retirement in 2020. Under his leadership Vasant Valley School grew from strength to strength and gained recognition as one of the foremost coeducational day schools in India.

  • Mr. Arun Kapur
The School stands proud and tall on the shoulders of those who have strengthened the motto of Excellence in Deed over the last 30 years.

The Current Leadership Team

  • Rekha Krishnan
  • Sharmila Bakshi
  • Mona Datta
  • A. P. John

Each domain area has a Head of Department and the ten Heads of Department work very closely with the Leadership Team to ensure an optimal school experience for our students. The curriculum, both academic and non-academic is structured around the Areas of Development. Five Teacher Coordinators are responsible for the Cerebral, Creative, Physical, Social-Emotional and Spiritual Development of all students and staff. The Coordinators in charge of various year groups, are responsible for the execution of plans and processes.


Our staff is a diverse group of individuals, with a strong sense of commitment and a passion for learning. There are more than 150 teachers. All staff members are well qualified in their domain areas. We boast of content-creators for the NCERT and the CBSE, advisors to educational organizations, writers, musicians, theatre artists and sportspersons. Each teacher plays an active role as a professional, a specialist and a mentor in school.

‘Learning never stops’ - this has been the watermark for all staff at Vasant Valley School. The Teacher Enrichment Programme helps the teachers access a vast storehouse of skills and knowledge, to enhance both their professional and personal growth. Teachers have been encouraged to attend courses or workshops across the world to understand best practices globally.

Opportunity for growth also helps our staff assume leadership roles, and share their learning with their colleagues and students. The diverse training modules range from sessions on classroom practices, learning styles, pedagogy, counselling, domain specific learning, to Art and Literature, Yoga and Mindfulness. The uniqueness of this programme lies in its all encompassing nature, and round the year schedule. This ever-evolving state of mind has helped our staff ride the wave, and embrace any paradigm shift smoothly.


Since 1999, over 2000 students have graduated from the school and have found their calling all over the world. Their school experience has created bonds that have remained strong. Some of our Alumni have become parents and the second generation is already a part of our student body. Alumni can contact the school at alumni@vasantvalley.edu.in

We are grateful to our alumni, Ishaan Gupta (Class of 2006), Medha Vira Gupta (Class of 2009) and Samvid Gupta (Class of 2010) for their generous support in creating the website.