The learning experience is focused on nurturing qualities such as leadership and self-discipline aiming towards the holistic development of each child.

The School environment in Vasant Valley encourages each student and teacher to exceed their own expectations and to push the boundaries of their understanding and beliefs.

Going Above & Beyond

The curriculum goes beyond the prescribed CBSE syllabus, where the process is as important as the outcome. We have various programmes that nurture the cerebral, social, emotional, physical, spiritual and creative development of every child.

A wide array of activities and a holistic curriculum structure nurtures well rounded individuals. The School strives to inculcate a humane and robust value system in its students. The focus is on collaboration and doing the right thing even when ‘no one is looking’.

Critical thinking and ‘learning how to learn’ are the key skills that students and teachers are encouraged to develop at Vasant Valley School. Our endeavour is to create a learning environment where all students can actualise their potential.


Vasant Valley School is offering the Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) for class 9 for the academic session 2022-23.


Considered the most ‘popular’ International Certification for 14 -16-year-olds, the core of the IGCSE curriculum emphasizes a practical approach to learning based on inquiry. It works towards developing analytical, problem solving, and communication skills. The learners ask questions, explore, brainstorm, discuss and share ideas.

Why IGCSE in Vasant Valley School?

The teaching-learning process in Vasant Valley School is synchronised to the methods followed by the Cambridge Board. The essence of our pedagogy is ‘learning for understanding’ and reading beyond course books, which epitomises the IGCSE philosophy. Subjects Offered The Cambridge Board offers learners a plethora of subjects, and these subject choices appeal to students with varying areas of interest. A typical IGCSE classroom will have students studying different sets of subjects.

Students will select 9 subjects in Grade 9 as follows:

Mandatory English Language Global Perspectives
Elective 1 Spanish/Hindi/(French *to be studied privately)
Elective 2 English Literature, Information and Communication Technology
Elective 3 Economics, Physics, History
Elective 4 Extended Mathematics
Elective 5 Biology, Coordinated Sciences, Economics
Elective 6 Art and Design, Computer Science
Elective 7 Chemistry, Business Studies, Environmental Management
From April to March of the following year, each
academic year is divided into four Learning Cycles.
Learning Cycle 1
  • April
  • May
Learning Cycle 2
  • July
  • August
  • September
Learning Cycle 3
  • October
  • November
  • December
Learning Cycle 4
  • January
  • February
  • March

Celebrating Individuality

The School strives to encourage a sense of purpose, self-assuredness, confidence and acceptance by creating spaces for children to be themselves and be heard by others. As students develop and learn to identify their own individuality, they also gain skills to communicate and resolve conflicts appropriately. The learning environment is designed to generate a spirit of teamwork, develop empathy and generosity.

Learning to build Life Skills

Creative thinking is the core of the Vasant Valley School curriculum. It enables children to develop and express their ideas in new ways and fosters a strong connection between rationality and imagination. The Art Programme is offered through a variety of Performing Arts and Visual Arts and provides students an opportunity to engage in creative collaboration, exchange and express ideas.

The core components in the area of physical development focuses on the overall health of all students. The focus is on physical and mental health, hygiene and nutrition which equips students to take ownership of their wellbeing.

The School has consistently been committed to providing multi-disciplinary support for students with special needs. The entire campus is accessible and challenge compliant. Children with special needs are included in the general education classroom, closest to their chronological age and learn with the support of trained special education teachers. Each child has an Individual Education Plan, and the curriculum is adapted to the skill level and needs of the student. The curriculum is individualized in every aspect, both academic and non-academic.

The School has a state-of-the-art Occupational Therapy facility for occupational therapy, physiotherapy and sensory integration therapy by trained professionals. Language therapy and remediation for Dyslexia and Specific Learning Difficulties are included in the programme.

Assessment & Reporting

We share a detailed report with the parents at the end of each Learning Cycle which gives a complete picture of the child’s strengths, interests and skills. Since grades can at best provide an understanding of one aspect of a child’s development; the report is a combination of quantitative and qualitative feedback from all teachers, tutors and includes a self assessment by the students as well as parent feedback.

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We are grateful to our alumni, Ishaan Gupta (Class of 2006), Medha Vira Gupta (Class of 2009) and Samvid Gupta (Class of 2010) for their generous support in creating the website.