A variety of intra-school programmes encourage students to develop their passions and skills.

The school ensures that each child is able to grow at an individual pace and find an area of interest that facilitates the process of growing up to be an individual who is able to recognise and actualise her inherent potential.

Social-Emotional Development is essential for a conducive and secure learning environment, to help us nurture emotionally healthy individuals.

Pastoral Care:

Throughout their school years the Class Teachers are the anchor for the children. Children from Classes 3 to 12 are also assigned a Pastoral Tutor, who is an advocate for them. These strong bonds create a sense of safety and security which facilitates learning. The tutor guides the child in planning for the year ahead with a focus on all areas of development.

Health Education:

The Health Education curriculum introduces students to all aspects of health - physical, emotional, social and mental. This curriculum builds self-esteem and a positive body image. Appropriate and respectful communication, anger and stress management are part of the curriculum.

Outreach Programme:

An important aspect of our learning experience is the Outreach Programme, through which students and faculty work closely with the community. Students are given opportunities to participate in the afterschool teaching programme, where they interact with underprivileged children from a neighboring cluster settlement. Students also volunteer their time in the morning to manage traffic outside school, a small but significant step towards promoting road safety and a sensitivity towards the community. Students participate in planting and distributing saplings to all school members during the festival of Diwali, sending a strong “green” message to the community. We have an ongoing exchange programme with the Government Middle School in the village of Jhanjhraula, Haryana.

The Portfolio Box:

Every student from Foundation to Class 12 has a Portfolio Box, which is a collection of pictures, artwork and assignments put together at the end of each academic year by the students, teachers and parents. Each child receives this box full of memories at the time of leaving school.

The Classroom Experience takes learning well beyond the academic curriculum, making lifelong learners of our students.

Integrated Learning:

Transcending barriers of a domain specific curriculum that is fettered in strict silos, students from Classes 3 to 8 explore carefully selected themes from varied perspectives in mixed-year groups. This also ensures complete integration of all domain areas. The assessment helps to sharpen the skills of analysis, critical thinking and problem solving besides stoking the creative instincts of the students.

Art Specialisation:

Art stimulates cognitive development, innovative thinking and helps our understanding of cultural diversity. Students from Foundation to Class 12 can research and experiment with different media.

Performing Arts - Students can explore instruments, sing, act and learn movement and dance, guided by a group of full-time specialists. The students put these skills to practice during events within and outside the school, giving them an opportunity to showcase their learning and pursue their passion.

Visual Arts – Students can explore their creativity and transform their imagination into tangible expressions. Trips to various museums and exhibitions allow children to appreciate cultural diversity.

Life Skills Programme:

Developing competencies needed to prepare students for life beyond school, here the focus is on problem solving and effective decision-making skills. Speakers from different walks of life are invited to create awareness about career options, handling peer pressure, resilience, understanding and managing emotions and effective communication for students from Class 6 to 12.


Students are offered opportunities to engage in pursuits that helps them imbibe new skills. These hobbies are both stimulating and fun and give students creative outlets beyond the academic sphere. There are several choices offered as hobbies for students in the Junior School and Senior School. Hobby classes are held once every week.

Library & Reading Programme:

The Junior and Senior School libraries together have more than 60,000 books and new books are continuously added to the collection. Apart from the regular library lessons included in a student’s timetable, children can visit the library during breaks and other lessons. The School’s Reading Programme encourages children to read for pleasure and author interactions are planned through the year.

Outside Classroom Learning offers a range of enriching experiences and opportunities.

Environment Programme:

The school works towards developing compassion, sensitivity and a sense of responsibility towards the environment. This is achieved through life skills classes, trips outside school, talks by environmentalists, film shows, nature walks, adventure camps, gardening, vermicomposting, recycling paper, reducing food waste and a graded study of the River Yamuna.

Annual School Camps:

The one experience that is forever etched in the mind of our students is the Annual School Camp. The children of Class 2 spend a night in school in the company of their friends and teachers. For higher classes, they embark on a short trip to the foothills of the mountains, river valleys and national parks. These Camps enable children to create a special bond with nature and develop new ties with peers and teachers. Safety and security are of prime importance and great care is taken in identifying appropriate camp sites.

Science Fair:

The Science Fair provides a platform to cultivate a scientific attitude in a festive atmosphere, where groups of students are engaged in conducting experiments, creating models and demonstrating their learning in practical ways. A focus on scientific fundamentals like the spirit of curiosity, enquiry and innovation as well as life skills like collaboration, decision-making and communication are significant outcomes.

Talks and Seminars:

A regular feature at Vasant Valley School is visits by eminent personalities. Interacting with inspirational leaders fosters motivation and awareness among our students. These leaders are individuals who have gained recognition in their field for their creativity, hard work and commitment.

Exchange Programmes:

The School engages in several exchange programmes with schools such as Grace Church School, New York; Kulosaari Academy, Helsinki and the Government Middle School, Jhanjraula, Haryana. Through these programmes, the students get exposure to different cultures, new environments and ideas, and teaching methodology. It gives the children an opportunity in collaborative and interactive learning.

College and Career Counselling:

The College and Career Counselling team prepares the students of classes 9, 10, 11 and 12 for a smooth transition from school to the University/College of their choice. Individual counselling sessions and standardised assessment and aptitude tests help the students to make appropriate subject choices for classes 11 and 12. Interactions and discussions with senior students and alumni are useful in identifying their interests and affinities. The college counselling team uses its in-depth knowledge of colleges and universities, both within India and abroad, to help children identify suitable universities and guides them through the application process. We support them in identifying colleges best suited to them, organising letters of recommendation and essays. Visits of representatives from various universities in  India and abroad give the children a detailed understanding of programmes and facilities. The school also organizes College and Career fairs on campus,  to help students make informed subject and career choices.

The Sports Programme is an integral part of the school curriculum.

All classes have dedicated time allotted for Physical Education with a qualified team of teachers as well as separate tennis and squash coaches. The campus has cricket, football and hockey fields and tennis, basketball and squash courts. An annual Track and Field Meet and Inter House tournaments are organised through the year.

The school teams, regularly play Inter School matches and we are proud winners of several State, Zonal and National level tournaments. Children are assessed twice every year through an age appropriate Standardised Test of Physical Fitness. Students who wish to pursue a sport not offered in school, are supported by getting time off from school. Individualized assessments as well as extra teaching classes are also organized for them.

After School Extension Programmes allow children from Classes 3 to 12 to delve deeper into a particular area of interest.

There are additional charges for these camps and school transport is not available after the camps.

Art Camps:

These aim to hone a student’s expertise in a particular visual or performing art to a higher level of understanding and proficiency.

Sports Camps:

The school runs several after School Sports Camps for children who are keen to excel in a particular sport.

Special Needs Therapy:

Vasant Valley School has a dedicated multidisciplinary team of Occupational Therapists, Special Educators, Physical Therapists and Behaviour Therapists to deliver individualised services to meet children’s needs. Services are available for children, who are not students at Vasant Valley School.

After- School Extension Programme

Extra classes are held free of cost, to extend remedial support to students belonging to the Right To Education category.

We are grateful to our alumni, Ishaan Gupta (Class of 2006), Medha Vira Gupta (Class of 2009) and Samvid Gupta (Class of 2010) for their generous support in creating the website.