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18 February 2019
Class 3 – Bull’s Camp Pahadi , Damdamma, Sohna Road(Haryana)
25th – 27th February, 2019
For my first school camp I went to Dumdumma Lake Bull’s Camp Pahari. When I reached school I was ready to leave. I was full of excitement. Soon I sat in the bus and left school. On the way our teacher gave us biscuits, frooti and orange to eat on the way. When we reached I saw how beautiful the camp was. My tent was number 1 and I kept my bags. Riddhima, Namyaa, Avni and Vani kept their bags in tent number 1 also because they were sharing the tent with me. The teachers put us in different groups. My group was the ‘Fierce Warriors’. We made our flag and rule chart. Soon we ate lunch and then went and made pottery. We played fun games too. My favourite game was ‘Where is the monkey?’ We did a scavenger hunt. At night we ate dinner and went off to sleep. The next day we went for a short trek after which we played team games followed by bullock cart ride and obstacle course. In the evening, we visited a school and played with the class 4 children there. The next day was our last day. We picked our bags and left. I had a wonderful time in Bull’s Camp Pahari and I am really looking forward for the next school camp in class 4.– Navya Modi 3C




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